Monday, May 30, 2005

Caught between Lullabies and Political Rhetoric

I'm listening to: Silent Hill 4 Official Sountrack- Lullaby
Silent Hill
So today’s Memorial Day and it’s been raining so that nulls my plans for today. We’ve been staying in this really nice apartment while the roof is getting fixed which unfortunately won’t be done for another two to three weeks. >.< href="">Ares. It’s a peer to peer program has a lot of movies on it, it’s pretty good for music too though if you want more techno-ish things go with Soulseek. Oh and please for the love of all that is 1337 get Peer Guardian, it’ll block Gov. IP’s.
Anyway that’s enough of my plugin’s for today.

Other than that I’ve got some interviews to get to and my Graduation’s on Thursday. So I’ll be pretty busy this week. Oh Sarah if you’re reading this, which I doubt but I’m going to say it anyway, give me a call if you want to go to the lake again.


PS- I lied about the plugin's I found some good independent media sites that you should all check out. Be informed, fight for your feedoms.

Air America- Live talk radio with newscasts by Randi Rhodes.
Democracy Now- Independent media broadcasts.
Media Matters for America- Against corporate broadcasting.


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