Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm listening to: Fall Out Boy- Phoenix

Okay it's time for an update. I've been trying recently to get myself back to a healthier weight and I'm currently down 13 pounds overall. I've still got 30 to go but I'm definitely moving in the right direction. I'm doing the body by vi shakes and we're on day 5 here and so far I've lost 4 pounds. It's a 90 day challenge so I think this is a great way to get myself a little closer to my goal.

Also I've been painting more. Not as much as I'd like but I'm getting there. So I'll call that 2 goals being realized.

I really want to go camping and can't wait for summer. I'm definitely planing on going on a few hikes too. I need warmth and water. I'm thinking the Appalachian trail is ranking really high on my list of places. I'm not totally crazy though. I have zero experience hiking other than like Paris mountain and let's be real that isn't very strenuous. So not planning on doing the epic 6 month hike but portions of the trail seem to be with in reach. So here's the goal either doing the Len Foote Inn Trail or Long Creek Falls, both in GA at some point this year. Maybe as a birthday trip? 

In other news I'm going to be going back to visit my family in Texas in about two weeks so I'm really looking forward to that. I haven't seen most of them since my wedding like 3 years ago. 

Anyway I feel that although my life isn't perfectly balanced yet I am making progress. I'm feeling closer to God, nature and my creativity so there's not much more I could ask for.

Carry on.


PS- I want to go to the Fall Out Boy show.

Friday, July 06, 2012

Summer is coming.

Well that was the longest hiatus I've ever had. I actually had no intention of writing here again but I've been missing alot of things I used to do and get inspired by and I feel that this might be a good step back to that creativity. I'd lost my muse but now it's really time to get it back!

Anyways, here are my goals. 1. Use all those vintage cameras I've been collecting. I'm not saying I'm a great photographer but I used to take alot more pictures than I do now. Must resume! 2. Paint something great! (And several not so great things.) I hav a ton of sketches that are unrealized and shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure there's something awesome in there somewhere. 3. Be outside more. I love nature and I get antsy and depressed when I'm indoors all day so why avoid it? Going for more walks and just being out is much needed. 4. Cook! I like doing it so why do I eat out so much. I need a healthier lifestyle and this is a great step. I suppose that's it for now. There's alot of other things I'm sure I should be working on but my creative rut is the most distressing right now.

 Every journey begins with a single step.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh dear...

I'm listening to: Cobra Starship- Good Girls Go Bad

I've been thinking alot about my kitchen lately and I've decided that it's not in our best interest to do a complete (or expensive) remodel seeing as our houses value is fixed under 100k. But since our plans are probably going to have us in our little starter home for at least another 4 years I definitely want to make it feel more functional and of course more esthetically pleasing. All in all I just want a space that I WANT to cook in.

So here's my mood board.

Clockwise from left to right: Raindrop Friends 8x10 by laurageorge $20, Numerar countertop from Ikea $89, Price Pfister Stainless Steel High-arc Kitchen Faucet at Lowes $83, Modernist Bowls by West Elm $8, Vigo Single Bowl sink at Overstock $102, Penny Rounds at Overstock $6.89 sq/ft, Ekby Jarpen wall shelf Ikea $24.

I want to work with the existing wall color and cabinets and I think that the floating shelves will help me to free up some of the counter space for food prep, which we are very short on at the moment.

Anyway this probably won't happen for another 6 months or so but it's nice to think about.

Good girl out.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Since when do Reindeer have a manor??

I figured with all this Christmasing going on I'd make a wishlist. Who's this for? Nobody but you know what.. why not.

Geek necklace via Morphologica on Etsy

Bird Skull Necklace via billyblue22 on Etsy

Steampunk, history, zombies.. yes please.

Blackout- Time travel, London and World War II


Arorarama- An Alaskan steampunk tour de force.

Scott Pilgrim!

And last but certainly not least.

A Wacom Tablet!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Our Eyes are Mirrored Images

Okay so I've found something I believe to be not only perfect but a direct reflection of my relationship with my Mr. Awesome, my Darcy.

jen + ming // san francisco highlights from stillmotion on Vimeo.

It's a poem by Robert Fulghum called Union.

I must tell you how ardently I admire and love him.


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Doomsday please.

I'm listening to: Jaymay- Is this love, or isn't it?

So it's finally feeling like summer. I've been keeping my unemployed self busy by planning more wedding details and clearing out and cleaning up my house. Maybe at the rate I'm going that I'll be done by the time my family comes up for the wedding but we'll see.

In other news I've been sprucing up the back deck! Got this great blue and white striped rug and these floor cushions, so just need an umbrella and we're all set for some outdoor partyness.

In wedding news, here's the bouts I picked out for the wedding. Pretty rad huh? Just in case anyone's interested they're made by The French Mouse over on Etsy.

Oh and this is totally random but the new season of Smallville rocks my socks off. I totally have to give Michael props for making me watch it because I was sooo not into Superman before gotta say though, I can't wait for Doomsday to kick some red-blue blur ass.

I'm out of words.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wake up with Music on my Mind

I'm listening to: A Serious Cacophony

Thus the wedding plans are coming together. We've got clothes picked (but still hunting for the perfect blue flats)... The invitations are mailed (mostly) and the general feel of things is making itself known.

So yay right? Not exactly... My playlist has become a dumping ground for "oh this song's okay" and "well I'm sure mom would like to hear that" it's definitely time for editing.

It's a four hour wedding and I've got about... I dunno 8 hours of music. But it still just doesn't feel right ya know? It's like the ambiance didn't get the memo from the rest of the group.

And to top it off Michael and I have never really had a song. Not one that we called anyway. So there again... what do dance to?

I like to think I have good musical taste I really do. But it's time for some outside help. That's why I'm posting the current playlist (horrible ugly blemishes and all) up for you my friends. Make suggestions, lemmie know if you really think Thriller needs to get played or if you think 3OH is just a bit much.

(Click for BIGGER)

I'm yours. (musically anyway)


PS- We're going to have a rock band station inside! (no point I just wanted to say it.)