Friday, May 25, 2007

Rawr, says I!

I’m listening to: James Blunt- Goodbye my Lover

Last night we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean it had some cheesy bits in it though that I didn’t like too much but it was pretty decent other than that. We all dressed up like pirates, well… Michael and I dressed like pirates, Bridget wore a jolly roger shirt and a bandana and Daniel and Rachel looked at us stupid. It was fun though, we all crammed into the photo booth after and took some pictures.

So anyway, besides that we checked out that Aladdin’s place down by the mall. Turned out to be a pretty cool place, it’s like this Greek, middle eastern restaurant slash hookah bar. I got kind of sick off the smoking though, I wouldn’t recommend more than one bowl your first time. Still I’ve been having a pretty good week.

Weirdly even though I should be happy about everything lately I’m just not. I mean, my boyfriend just got back from Germany, I’ve been doing a lot of fun things and I might have even found a job.. But for some reason I’m just not all that excited about anything. I was so anxious for Michael to get back home so that I could spend time with him but I just feel so blah. I guess it’s all the stress of everything happening in my life all at once. But it doesn’t seem to help that he doesn’t seem to be on the same page as me.

I need to move somewhere, that’s a given. And with Diana’s parents being mum about whether or not I can stay there it’s all up in the air. I think that if Michael and I moved out together that we could handle it but he doesn’t seem at all interested in doing that. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s not that interested in me or if he’s just too comfortable being at home for free. I know that if I had the same issue I probably would be more than willing to stay with my mom.

I worry too much though. I just hope that things sort themselves out soon. I stress too much and then think stupid thoughts.

The Cheeky Monkey.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Say ba da ba ba ba ba ba.. Like a Scott.

I'm listening to: Lily Allen- Smile

Lily Allen

So Michael's comming home tomorrow, I'm really excited about that.

Today's been pretty decent, I got up early to get my haircut and then went out looking for a job with Daniel. We went to several places but the most promising for me at least was California Dreaming, I've got an interview set up for tomorrow so yay! I spent alot of money today that I sholdn't have though. While we were looking for jobs I bought the Lily Allen and Fratellis CD, and this hippy looking outfit. I should make it back soon though.

Mostly I've just got seeing Michael on my mind. I really have missed him while he's been gone and I want to hear about what he did over there. That and I kind of wanna see what he got me. Supposing he did anyway. Doesn't really matter too much either way, I just miss sleeping next to him, the little things I guess.

Other than that I've leveled my rogue to 59 and gotten my war mount (picture below) I'll be taking a bit of a break though cause I'm not going to play instead of spending time doing things IRL and I've got alot going on this next week. Thursday we're going to see Pirates of the Caribbean and then either Friday or Saturday the Goo-Goo Dolls are going to be at Freedom Weekend Aloft. So yay!

Anxious little bugger.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WTF White Haired Asians?

I'm watching: Casino Royale

Michael's been gone for just a day now and I already miss him. I'm so emo. Ah well.. what to talk about.

I saw what could possibly be the best zombie movie I've ever seen, 28 Weeks Later. I seriously hated the first one when I watched it, but to be fair I wasn't too into zombie's at the time. Seriously though if you're at all into zombies you should go see it, it's especially horrifing in theaters. Here's the trailer if you havn't seen it yet.

Other then that we've finally found Ramero a home, hurray for myspace bulitins. She'll be going with a friend of Michael's next week after he gets back.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Lightly Baked in a PIE

Written April 24, 2007. Discovered today.

I'm listening to: Dizzy Rascal- Fix up, look sharp.

Dunno if I'd meantioned it or not but I've been working at the hospital for about a month now. Things have been going decently. Yesterday I finally felt I deserved a little something for my effort. It was actually more of a really bad impulse buy but I got a black DS lite. I've been wanting one for quite some time so I could play Ace Attorney and Trama Center so when I saw one at Toys R Us I caved. They had AA and Trace Memory on sale (10 and 20) so I got those.

I've been plaing AA and I've got to say I'm loving it. It's not as hard as I thought it would be but they keep adding to it so hopefully it'll be more challenging in this third case.

I haven't really been doing too much besides that, except when Michaels brother and Dad were home from training we went out about every night for those ten days. Mostly to bars but on the weekend we went to Columbia and Michael and I went bowling with Daniel and Neel. That was actually pretty fun but I was reminded that I don't really know how to bowl.

Then on Tuesday we went to see the Blue Man Group, we tried to surprise Jay and Jeremy but they knew before we were halfway there. The show was really good and everything went okay till the end when we had a little bit of drama. I wasn't really involved though so it's all good.

But anyway today's my little sisters birthday so after work we're going to my moms to give Megan her presents. I hope she likes what I got her I wasn't really sure what she wanted (besides webkins and Hanna Montana stuff) so I got her this That's so Raven game and a Bratz doll. I'm pretty sure I'm okay with those choices though.

Hum... besides that I'm just sincerely praying that Diana's parents end up saying it's okay for me to stay with them. I'm getting to a point where I'm really just longing to settle my stuff down somewhere. Right now half my stuff is at Michaels and the rest is at my moms. So yeah. I can't find anything and I want to decorate my space the way I like it. I miss being able to find things. :(

Over all though things have been okay. So yay!

I want an old bit of Russian wood.