Friday, July 03, 2009

64 Reason's to Keep Reading This

I'm listening to: Lady Gaga- Poker Face

Okay so the title lies, there's just two. I'm awesome and you all love me and know it. Just posting a quick update on the house stuff. So far so good, and we got 5k as our downpayment assistance! It was supposed to be 10 but apparently downtown houses don't count... :(

Anyway not the point. The point is that Michael and I are about 50% on the way to being new home owners! I'm nervous, but excited! It's the condo we wanted and we can afford it and so.. yay!

Is it sad that I needed a walkthrough to tell me where the sword is at the beginning of Ocarina of Time?

PS- I found it at Goodwill for two bucks.