Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Need a better camera.

I'm watching: The Scream Awards- I'm sad that Battlestar didn't win anything.

Michael and I went for a walk today and so yeah I made this arrangement. Figured it would be nice to bring some fall into the house.



Monday, October 13, 2008

Making... Halloween!

I'm listening to: Soko-I'll Kill Her

Daniel came down to visit this weekend which was fun and I wasted money on a bunch of random shite but that's okay. But anyway to my point he gave me my birthday present which I LOVE, he got me some miracle fruit tablets and these awesome BSG motivational posters. So you know what that means? Taste tripping party! I think I'll save it till closer to Christmas though.

I'm really excited for Halloween and I've started in on my annual painting, this year it's me as a dinosaur and Michael as a ranger. Though I think our real costumes are likely to be Han Solo and Princess Leia. We'll probably be going to Columbia to see what we can get into there but who knows. Either way I think it'll be a blast!

The Ambiguous Incognito Crusader.