Sunday, July 30, 2006

Robed men on girls bikes!

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So yesterday I went with Jim, Marie and Steve to NYC. It was good times. We got there around 10 stopped for some BK and then headed over to Times Square where I picked up some I <3 NY shirts for ultra cheap as well as a token I <3 NY pig which I'm sure my doormates will appreciate. Then we spent about two hours walking through Toys R Us looking at cars and legos and varrious other things. Marie and Steve went a little Beatle crazy and got about 10 matchbox cars, I did pretty good in that store I just got a plush Statue of Liberty Geffory and Jim got a plush of squirt from Finding Nemo.

farris wheel

After that we walked to Rockefeller plaza and saw NBC studios and their store (I walked away with a Saved by the Bell lunchbox) and then went to what was probably the best store ever. Nintendo World. I picked up a T-shirt and a Triforce and Pickachu pin there though I was tempted to get several other things. Oh and The Disney store had pirates!


Nintendo World


We quit shopping after that and took a cab to the Met and spent about 3 hours looking through the Egyptian, American, and Asian art sections. Steve kept setting off the alarm and at one point I thought a gaurd was going to tell me and Jim off for eating where we shouldn't have been. He didn't though, instead he yelled at some 13 year old who was trampling through the plants. Score for distractions.


The sites were good though, we were going to go up to the Empire State Building after we ate at Jeckle and Hyde but by that time it was pretty late so we caught a train home. FYI- Jeckle and Hyde is this really strange horror themed resturant. It was actually really cool the only downside was that the burgers cost about 18 bucks so I wouldn't go there unless you're into that kind of thing.



Oh funny story. When we got there that morning we saw this man in some kind of Indian looking robes riding a pink little girls bike with streamers on the handles... Ten hours later, as we were leaving we saw the SAME guy ride past us on that bike.

All in all it was a kick ass day.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Makes you wish you'd recycled...

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Okay so I had the weirdest freaking dream ever.

I was in this domed city/hotel or something that was flooding and to get out you had to check out of the hotel before they'd open the doors for you so my mom gave me the key card made me run up to the front desk. I decided that walking was taking too long so I flew there and then I realized she'd given me her Victoria's Secret credit card instead. I don't really remember how but I followed some other people out and got on this little pod thing and we were listening to the news and realized that it was happening everwhere because of all the heatwaves.

Anyway that was it. Stupid dream but it made me temperarily paranoid about the state of the world. Want proof?


Oh and I'm in Pennsylvania right now. It's good.

Save the trees!


Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot European Sex- NOW with pictures!

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Lost Prophets

Well I'm home now, it's bittersweet being back, by the end of my trip I felt like I'd made a sort of home there on that street nestled in by Kings Cross. I found a handfull of really great friends (Catherine: Montreal, Alex: Quebec, Leisel: Australia, Jason: South Africa, Heinrick: South Africa, and Jenny: Pennsylvania) who I hope are doing well with their respective jobs and traveling. Getting on the train that morning at Victoria filled me with both relief and a strong desire to stay. I missed my sister, my friends, and shallow as it is, having a room to myself. Despite that though, I grew very attactched to the people there and the only slightly different culture.

It was refreshing to be able to walk and travel around the city so easily and the night life there was likewise very very cool. I don't think I can accurately describe my feelings when I was there but to say it was one of the best desicions I've ever made. Most of this past year I've felt confined to working and generally doing nothing but seeing another part of the world, for however short a time and however limited that view of it was made me feel motivated to do more. Most people, at least in the US, never bother to leave the country but I now have the conviction to do much more leaving in the future.

Well.. past that I don't have much more to say that will intrest anyone but myself. Mostly ramblings about how the pigons were very characteristic of the places they inhabited (Pigions in Brighton were more well kept) and the observation that the more of them there were the more tourists seemed to be around as well. I could also go on about how much I loved the buildings and the crowded alley ways and the markets and everything that was overly British and vintage urban but instead I'll just let you riffle through photos of a few of the more interesting things I saw.

Photo Whoring!

Will soon torture you with more photos.