Friday, July 21, 2006

Hot European Sex- NOW with pictures!

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Lost Prophets

Well I'm home now, it's bittersweet being back, by the end of my trip I felt like I'd made a sort of home there on that street nestled in by Kings Cross. I found a handfull of really great friends (Catherine: Montreal, Alex: Quebec, Leisel: Australia, Jason: South Africa, Heinrick: South Africa, and Jenny: Pennsylvania) who I hope are doing well with their respective jobs and traveling. Getting on the train that morning at Victoria filled me with both relief and a strong desire to stay. I missed my sister, my friends, and shallow as it is, having a room to myself. Despite that though, I grew very attactched to the people there and the only slightly different culture.

It was refreshing to be able to walk and travel around the city so easily and the night life there was likewise very very cool. I don't think I can accurately describe my feelings when I was there but to say it was one of the best desicions I've ever made. Most of this past year I've felt confined to working and generally doing nothing but seeing another part of the world, for however short a time and however limited that view of it was made me feel motivated to do more. Most people, at least in the US, never bother to leave the country but I now have the conviction to do much more leaving in the future.

Well.. past that I don't have much more to say that will intrest anyone but myself. Mostly ramblings about how the pigons were very characteristic of the places they inhabited (Pigions in Brighton were more well kept) and the observation that the more of them there were the more tourists seemed to be around as well. I could also go on about how much I loved the buildings and the crowded alley ways and the markets and everything that was overly British and vintage urban but instead I'll just let you riffle through photos of a few of the more interesting things I saw.

Photo Whoring!

Will soon torture you with more photos.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn Ashley, you make me want to go to England. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Hope to see more pictures (and you) soon. :o)


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