Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh my mo.

I'm listening to: The Exiles- My Goddess

Today at work I did nothing. So much of nothing in fact that it's allowed me to write the following narative which otherwise would never have been produced. I got several things of great importance through the mail yesterday.

I had just gotten back from the unofficial Pansexual Guild of Ardent Adoration convention, which consisted of me, Diana, Jon and Eli going to the mall and then to Jon's to watch Rent. (I've decided it was far too long.) None-the-less it was fun.

But back to the mail. I recived a letter from Anderson College. I was quite reluctant to open it though as it wasn't all that thick and I was sure it was a rejection. Much to my surprise, it was in actuality a letter from the minority recruiter. I don't know if that's an indication that my application is being taken seriously or not but it certainly can't hurt. The other letter I got was from the Feds and was more of a check than anything. So all in all it was a good mail day.

I also went to get a hair cut. My mission- to get the sceany emo look I've been admiring for the past two years. The result- dark brown coloring with red front accents and bangs. Objective met- I'll let you decide.

Other than the above prattle nothing much has changed in my life. I'm trying to become more independent, not only from my parents but from everyone, which I think is starting to take effect. I ended up getting a cell a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if I've written about this already or not but I'm just very excited to finally have something to attach my FF screen cleaner to.

In unrelated and very predicatable news, I can't wait for summer. I'm tired of it being cold, even more tired of not being able to go outside and very ready for my vacation. Though I might get a mini one soon if I go to Texas to get that car from my grandpa. I've just got to talk someone into going down with me...

Oh and my muse seems to have woken up from her very unwelcomed hibernation, at least for now, and has enabled me to produce the following sketches of a soon to be painting of a sushi shop.

Greeter of the doors at Avignon.


PS- I don't condone or appreciate sexual harasment.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Someone's Walking Behind You... :ninja:

I'm listening to: Five Iron Frenzy- Pre-Ex Girlfriend


I've SO got two more people for my must marry/stalk list. The first is Ryan Merriman, who's actually been on my list since like... 1999 when he was in Smart House. But yeah, I have a renewed lust for him now. Seriously... XD

Ryan Merriman

Oh and then there's Kris Lemche *droolness* not much more you can say about that.

Kris Lemche

So yeah, I bet you can all guess what I did today. That's right, I saw Final Destination 3 with Daniel. It was le goodness. I mean sure it was cheesy and unrealistic, but I enjoyed it and that's really all that matters isn't it?

We also went to the Japanese and Korean food markets then to the flea market but we didn't stay too long there cause it was rainy and cold and ick. So we decided to go look at animals at various pet shops and I found the coolest, sweetest cats ever. I really wanted to get them but I know that my mom would kill me if I had of brought home living animals. Hopefully I'll be able to have a cat again before I die.

Anyway after that we went to the movie where the ticket booth lady gave us a hard time cause Daniels USC card didn't have his birthday on it... I mean really what 17 year old goes to College?? She wouldn't let us buy the tickets without it though so we went back to his house to pick up his passport and THEN got our tickets. Then we went back to Sushi Masa for dinner which was delious as usual.

So yup.. had a good full day! First time in a long time I've actually gotten to go out and really enjoy my day, though I wish it hadn't been raining so I could've done some outdoor activity or something. I need to exercise more it's good for my brain I think.

She only wishes she were me.

Ashley Merriman... yeah...

Friday, February 17, 2006

The empty jar that sits on the table broke twice.

I'm listening to: Nothing- As in the wind.

I... Okay the past few day's have been a roller coaster. Monday sucked for various reasons which are too personal to discus in detail here. Well not too personal but it involves another person so yeah.. not exactly copywritted to me. Tuesday was good, nothing really happend though, Wendsday I got a cell (finally I know), Thursday I had a really hefty emoish conversation about relationships and a few other things and today my mom when psycho on me for no real reason.

Okay that last parts a lie, but she started yelling at me about going out after work and so I kind of told her to stop bitching at me and then she went overly pissy. Understandable though, I should have appoligized, I might call her later and do so. Maybe. Okay so I probably will, I was a bit out of line.

Hum.. other than that nothing to speak of. I'm emotionally hollow really and just feel the need to draw something good. I havn't really drawn anything I'm especially proud of in the longest time.

I'm not upset really... but I'm not happy either. Tomorrow Daniel and I are going to hang out all day though, and that usually cheers me up. We manage to find fun stuff to do most of the time, either that or random things that turn into good stories later. Either way I need some change of attitude. That and I'd really like a car.



Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Martyr's Day, blah.

I'm listening to: Cindy Lauper- Time after Time

Today's Valentine's day. I just thought I'd acknowlage that and move on. I really wouldn't have known if it hadn't had been for Diana sending me a very sweet lesbian kiss on Gaia as nobody else said anything to me, well minus John but he's just sexy like that.

In other news, today the hippy vending machine guy came to fill up the break room. He forgot my snacks. I was disapointed and asked him where they were, he said sorry, gave me a free drink and promised me corn nuts next week.

I had sake for the first time last night. I really liked it actually, a bit strong maybe, but good. PJ ordered it when we went to Sushi Masa. I'm glad I got to meet him finally. Really nice guy he is.

So right now I'm just in the mood to watch Moulin Rouge and emo over some ice cream.



Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ho man cornpuffs!!!

I'm listening to: Tapping the Vein- Hurricane

Well so far things have kept interesting around here. I've been very productive and have found myself really achieving some goals. In short I am proud of myself and exceedingly excited. My trips dawing closer than ever now and is actually starting to feel real to me. Up to this point I think it seemed a little foggy but now that it's only four months off it feels really tangable.

I got my drivers licence Wensday on the first try despite my relative nervousness! And then today I ran into some really good luck mom was cleaning through the closet downstairs and found my birth certificate so that's saved me 23 bucks and three weeks time! So now all I've got to do is apply for my passport.

I HATE it when I'm actually trying to write a journal after a week without one and people who haven't attempted to talk to me in three months suddenly decide to IM me repeditively without concideration for my concentration as is evident in the jumbled nature of the previous paragraphs!

And uh... Yup. I've got nothing else to say that matters to anyone besides me. Just more stuff relating to my trip which I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing about.

Oh cept this oooooone thing. If anyone knows of any good hostels in London I'd greatly appreciate hearing about it because the one I found turned out to have the worst reviews ever. =/

Gellin' like a Felon.