Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oh my mo.

I'm listening to: The Exiles- My Goddess

Today at work I did nothing. So much of nothing in fact that it's allowed me to write the following narative which otherwise would never have been produced. I got several things of great importance through the mail yesterday.

I had just gotten back from the unofficial Pansexual Guild of Ardent Adoration convention, which consisted of me, Diana, Jon and Eli going to the mall and then to Jon's to watch Rent. (I've decided it was far too long.) None-the-less it was fun.

But back to the mail. I recived a letter from Anderson College. I was quite reluctant to open it though as it wasn't all that thick and I was sure it was a rejection. Much to my surprise, it was in actuality a letter from the minority recruiter. I don't know if that's an indication that my application is being taken seriously or not but it certainly can't hurt. The other letter I got was from the Feds and was more of a check than anything. So all in all it was a good mail day.

I also went to get a hair cut. My mission- to get the sceany emo look I've been admiring for the past two years. The result- dark brown coloring with red front accents and bangs. Objective met- I'll let you decide.

Other than the above prattle nothing much has changed in my life. I'm trying to become more independent, not only from my parents but from everyone, which I think is starting to take effect. I ended up getting a cell a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if I've written about this already or not but I'm just very excited to finally have something to attach my FF screen cleaner to.

In unrelated and very predicatable news, I can't wait for summer. I'm tired of it being cold, even more tired of not being able to go outside and very ready for my vacation. Though I might get a mini one soon if I go to Texas to get that car from my grandpa. I've just got to talk someone into going down with me...

Oh and my muse seems to have woken up from her very unwelcomed hibernation, at least for now, and has enabled me to produce the following sketches of a soon to be painting of a sushi shop.

Greeter of the doors at Avignon.


PS- I don't condone or appreciate sexual harasment.


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