Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blooming Cocktails in the Sun

I'm listening to: Stabbing Westward- Shame

So I went to see Megan's play today, I felt slightly out of place as everyone else there was a parent or grandparent but she was really happy that I went so it was worth it. I came in and had lunch with her which was spaghetti and corn, such a freaking weird combo but that's what they were serving.

After I got home Fry was on so I got to talk to him for a while, which I havn't done in a long while. Oh and I found the COOLEST thing. Most of you have probably already seen it but google world is amazing. In some more well photographed places you can make out peoples cars in the driveway, so Fry and I spent a good 20 minutes looking around at eachothers neighborhoods. Soon after though a few friends of mine picked me up to go see V for Vendetta, which I found to be very impactful. I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that the people who found it boring just didn't understand the symbolism of it.

Anyway... Tomorrow I'm just going to hang out, finish my book and then possibly go do something with Angela and Lesley.

Not gonna be trite tonight.


Oh and I forgot to brag about it earlier but I got my belt in!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Geisha are hot hos!

I'm listening to: Jack's Mannequin- Dark Blue

So Megan wants me to go to her school for this little play/recital they're doing and luckily I'm off work so I get to go! Yay for getting to be a good big sister for once. So yup, I get to go and eat a crappy lunch and see my little sis being cute.

Other than that I'm currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha and I'm LOVING it. Anyone who had any faint appreciation for the movie must deffinately read it. Speaking of Randy bought me the movie today so after I'm done with the book I'm gonna rewatch it. Thus being said! I'm gonna go read some more.

The exotic bird.


Monday, March 20, 2006

<3's in the 1800's

I swear sometimes I think I enjoy torturing myself. Tonight I decided to watch Pride and Prejudice and I swear I couldn't have picked a more heart wrenching movie. I think I cried more over happiness for Elizabeth than anything but now while the credits roll I can't help but think to myself about the likelyhood of being in such a situation myself.

I do hope, as all girls do I'm sure, that something of the sort will eventually come my way. Something real and poignant. Just something tangable. But I suppose you can't wish for those things to come to you, rather you let them find you.

I'm honestly amazed at the performance that Matthew MacFaydyen brought to it. I didn't think I could appreciate anyone other than Colin Furth as Darcy but he proved me wrong. At the end of it I decided that I prefered him. It's a sign of a good actor when you feel as if he's professing his love to you and not the leading actress.

Besides that I'm completely motivated to re-read the book.

I love Jane Austin.


Saturday, March 18, 2006

NEW! IMPROVED! And not just for porn!

I'm listening to: Eagle-Eye Cherry- Save Tonight.

Today at work I got some speakers for a dollar. Nice ones. Sirius ones. *drool* My computer sounds freaking orgasmic now.

And I ordered this hot belt.

nintendo hotness

I'm such a consumer whore. =/

Oh, in other news, I've rediscovered the joys of Bittorent and am now downloading the entirety of Tokyo Mew Mew and Naruto. I love the internet.

The new Love-a-lot Bear.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What a Wonderful Caricature of Intimacy

I'm listening to: Panic! At the Disco- Build God, Then we'll Talk

Well.. I've had a bit of a creative stroke lately, the past two days I've come home and drawn some half decent stuff. I even managed to write a poem today, though that won't be published here or elsewhere.

I also did a few pretty basic tattoo designs. Probably a little too cliche but they were good for some practice. I think my favorite one is either the pirate or the nautical star, the colors (if I hadn't have been too lazy to do them myself) were supposed to be pink and purple. I've honestly got no idea what I was doing with the other three.

Hum.. past that, not much going on with me. I've got Thursday and Friday off so maybe I'll have some stories for you later.

Crazy like a Coon.


Friday, March 10, 2006

Like Padme with a Thunderous Applause.

I'm listening to: A Change of Pace- Queen of Hearts

As you all know I'm an active member of the ACLU. Today I got an email about the current situation concerning the administrations illegal survailence of US citizens. The letter reads:
Something is wrong in our country. The president is overreaching his authority with a vast program of illegal spying on Americans, and Congress, which is supposed to check executive power, is preparing to ratify his illegal surveillance program after the fact.

In a backroom deal announced this week, key Senate Republicans met with Vice President Dick Cheney and agreed to create legislation that would rewrite our laws by requiring less disclosure and less judicial power to check wiretaps than current law demands.

The message these partisans are sending to the people and the country is clear: partisans are willing to put party loyalty over fundamental and timeless values, such as the preservation of the Constitution and the rightful power of Congress as a check on the president. Many Americans are appalled that our President has not only ordered warrantless spying on Americans, but has unapologetically claimed that he has the power to break the law.

The question for us now is: What message will we the people send Congress?

The ACLU is asking you to join with us in declaring unequivocally that warrantless spying on innocent Americans is unacceptable.

It’s at moments like these that our system of checks and balances matters most. When the president asserts absolute power and the legislative branch abdicates its responsibilities, we must turn to the courts: the third pillar of our democracy.

Yesterday, the ACLU asked the judge in our NSA lawsuit to immediately block the illegal NSA spying program in order to prevent “concrete harm” to our plaintiffs journalists, non-profit groups and other advocates and to the American way of life. The ACLU v. NSA lawsuit aggressively challenges the Bush Administration’s abuse of power, charging that the spying violates all Americans' rights to free speech and privacy under the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

White House allies in Congress may be willing to help cover up this illegal program, and other lawmakers may be willing to stand on the sidelines, but when the president breaks the law, neither Congress nor the courts should give him a get-out-of-jail free card.

I urge you to stay involved as we work to end illegal government spying and restore the rule of law. The debate in Congress is far from over, and our legal challenge to the NSA has only just begun. We must stay vigilant if we want to preserve a democracy where the people are both safe and free.

The part of this that concerns me the most is that the administration isn't being held at all accountable for it's obvious lack of respect towards the constitution. And the fact that Bush whole heartedly belives that he has the right to break the law in this fashion.

Some may not see the current situation as being very serious, which is understandable. I mean it doesn't directly concern you does it? Only the way I see it if we let Bush get away with this behavior it may led to more extreme abuses further down the line by setting the precident that the American people and the other branches who should be protecting them, will condone these acts.

I strongly urge you to check further into this issue and demand that the Legislative and Judicial branches to do their job and protect the American people from this illegal activity, to make an example for future administrations.

Sleeping at the wheel.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And the World End's Among the Saucy Shrimp

I'm watching: Coupling- Season 1

Yesterday was alot better than I expected. Not that I thought it'd be bad, but I had planed on going out to find props and things for the next Nazi Neko with Daniel but he kinda blew me off. It ended up alright though when Tony, his girlfriend, and Neel came by to pick me up.

I didn't really know where we were going to go but it ended up being the mall. Suncoast is stiiiill havn't it's going out of buisness sale, though the prices really aren't that outragously low. Anyhow I still managed to come away with Coupling Season's 1 & 4. (cause they didn't have 2 & 3) And Neel got me Silent Hill 2 for xbox as a late Christmas present.

After that we went back to Tony's and watched South Park. Tony's Sega broke recently so he gave me all his old games. Then we decided were going to go downtown... changed our mind and went to the theater to see Running Scared instead. It wasn't bad, bout as good as I expected it to be really. I wouldn't sugest running out to see it though. On a random note I got sick off the shrimp sauce from the mall.

Anyway today Daniel made it up to me by picking me up around 11 then we went over to Goodwill where I found an Ipod skin with a buckle for 2 bucks. Then we went to Walmart played with the kids toys, found some of those little disk guns and eventually filmed the better half of our new episode of Nazi Neko.

I did get blown off twice the past two days by various people but that's alright. It ended up being good in the end.

And I feel fine.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bleeding badgers teeth Batman!

I'm listening to: The Killers- Jenny was a Friend of Mine

the killers

So last nigh I had a dream that my two bottom front teeth fell out and I was being preped to be on some reality survival show where you progressivly got into worse living conditions... like by day 15 you were in this really rusty, mildewy, broken up shower. It was strange, at the begining I was looking at the REALLY nice bathroom then I walked down the line to see what the rest looked like and they progressivly got worse, and they said each day the nicest one would be closed. That's when my teeth fell out, and I flipped and kept trying to keep them in and ran to Diana for help, who for some reason went with me to look around. Anyway then I decided not to do the show.

I asked one of my friends in psych to analyze it for me, he said it meant that: there is something that you are afraid of putting alot of work or though or something into only to fail at it or have it fall apart or somethin like that.

So yeah.. very relative to my current situation I think. Especially since I got my first wave of reality about things last night and it scared me half to death. Anyway... I think things will be okay. My apprehension is probably normal, in fact it might be stupid of me NOT to be nervous.

Shifty like a fox.


Friday, March 03, 2006

It doesn't bloody exist!

I'm listening to- Hell I'm not gonna lie: nothing.

I went absolutely EVERYWHERE looking for the new Pride and Prejudice today... nothing. Not one freaking copy in Blockbuster, Publix, or Bilo... I decided to be cheap and just rent Flight Plan. It better be good, I'm just saying, you better not disapoint me tonight Jodie.

UPDATE- The movie was fantastic. I was like.. not sure what was going on, which is good. Though I'm glad I just rented it, not much replay value on thrillers like that you know? Still, you should see it. Unless you're flying anytime soon.. like me. Yes. I'm scared now.

So yeah, works not all that great now. Everyone good quit so it's just me Danny, Donna and Randi. For those of you who don't know Randi she's now strickly concidering herself management, so we won't even count her. But besides that thing's are alright. Well.. alright in the mean-time. I'm going with Angela on Friday to look for something else.

So yes. I'm done.