Tuesday, March 07, 2006

And the World End's Among the Saucy Shrimp

I'm watching: Coupling- Season 1

Yesterday was alot better than I expected. Not that I thought it'd be bad, but I had planed on going out to find props and things for the next Nazi Neko with Daniel but he kinda blew me off. It ended up alright though when Tony, his girlfriend, and Neel came by to pick me up.

I didn't really know where we were going to go but it ended up being the mall. Suncoast is stiiiill havn't it's going out of buisness sale, though the prices really aren't that outragously low. Anyhow I still managed to come away with Coupling Season's 1 & 4. (cause they didn't have 2 & 3) And Neel got me Silent Hill 2 for xbox as a late Christmas present.

After that we went back to Tony's and watched South Park. Tony's Sega broke recently so he gave me all his old games. Then we decided were going to go downtown... changed our mind and went to the theater to see Running Scared instead. It wasn't bad, bout as good as I expected it to be really. I wouldn't sugest running out to see it though. On a random note I got sick off the shrimp sauce from the mall.

Anyway today Daniel made it up to me by picking me up around 11 then we went over to Goodwill where I found an Ipod skin with a buckle for 2 bucks. Then we went to Walmart played with the kids toys, found some of those little disk guns and eventually filmed the better half of our new episode of Nazi Neko.

I did get blown off twice the past two days by various people but that's alright. It ended up being good in the end.

And I feel fine.



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