Friday, August 21, 2009

We're Moved!

I'm listening to: Bullshit from Fox News

There area alot of boxes everywhere (we just got moved Monday) and moving everything was a pain in the ass but we're finally in! I won't be taking pictures anytime soon (it's a mess for reals) but I'm very relived to be in and I'm finally getting a chance to fix up things! So far the bathroom "remodel" is in the works, it's all little cosmetic stuff, but so far so good.

I love the neighborhood though, I've met more people in the past week than I had met at the Paddock Club in 2 years. So yay!

Oh and I've been reading the Twilight series. I know right... I've turned to the dark side. I really didn't care for the first one like I thought I would but I was hooked by the third one. I'm such a sucker for Vampires lately AKA- Bill and Eric. *swoon*

But anyway I'm now reading The Time Traveler's Wife and I've got to say it's pretty cool!

I guess for being gone so long I don't have much to say though... just an update!

Domestically yours.