Friday, July 06, 2012

Summer is coming.

Well that was the longest hiatus I've ever had. I actually had no intention of writing here again but I've been missing alot of things I used to do and get inspired by and I feel that this might be a good step back to that creativity. I'd lost my muse but now it's really time to get it back!

Anyways, here are my goals. 1. Use all those vintage cameras I've been collecting. I'm not saying I'm a great photographer but I used to take alot more pictures than I do now. Must resume! 2. Paint something great! (And several not so great things.) I hav a ton of sketches that are unrealized and shouldn't be. I'm pretty sure there's something awesome in there somewhere. 3. Be outside more. I love nature and I get antsy and depressed when I'm indoors all day so why avoid it? Going for more walks and just being out is much needed. 4. Cook! I like doing it so why do I eat out so much. I need a healthier lifestyle and this is a great step. I suppose that's it for now. There's alot of other things I'm sure I should be working on but my creative rut is the most distressing right now.

 Every journey begins with a single step.