Sunday, August 21, 2005

Chobits and Chop Suey!

I'm listening to: The Donna's- Take if off

So yesterday I had the day off from work and decided to do something mother-daughterly with.. well my mom.. yeah. Anyway we went to have lunch and see Must Love Dogs, which was okay but not as good as the commercial made it seem. It was nice, I think she had a good time and that made it worth it.

Other than that nothing too exciting's happened other than me getting my Chobit ears! They're haaaawt! It's gonna be a really great costume if I can pull it off. I may go for something a little more bugeted though as the costume I want is about 150 bucks. ^_^;; Yeah, can't really afford that.

Oh and I made myself a new deviantart account for stock photos... only then I realized that a bunch of my photos aren't exactly stock quality. Oh well I'll use it eventually. I made a pretty new icon for it too. ^.^

Um... Fry's gone to Japan and uh.. I'm pretty bored. =/ I'm thinking it's probably not healthy to rely on one person that much but what can you do.

Everyone's gone to collage. I'm alone. *emos*

The Teenage Dirtbag.


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Horrid Hair and the Ice Cream that Loves it.

I'm listening to: Groove Coverage- The End

Hum.. today I slept in, got a haircut (which I pretty much hate and hope my hair grows back soon) and talked with Bunny till about six when Sarah and John barged into my room to ubduct me.

We ended up going to Annie's for pizza and chips and then decided to make a trip downtown to get some icecream at Marble Slab and to generally just walk around in the park. I had two odd run-in's there, the first was a guy who handed me what I think was his buisness card and told Sarah and I that we could get a free hot dog with it. Apparently I made a really funny face when I turned and dumped it into the trash can which was right next to us because Annie and the Korean girl that was with us, I forget her name, started cracking up.

After that I got some fat ass-wipe who shouted (though I didn't hear this so I'm relying on Annie for this one) "Hey Monica, Monica Lewinski!" at me. Needless to say this did nothing to quell my feelings of disatisfaction with the cut. Anyway I don't think I look like her anyway, I'm not that fat. Annie did stick up for me even though I missed it, I was paying no attention as I was talking to Sarah about something or another. I just caught the end of it all when she said "Same to you jackass."

Anyhow after all that we walked around the park, creepily watched this cute couple making out next to the river from the bridge and then ran back to the car so that we could go to Walmart for some flashlights that we didn't end up getting. (We were going to play flashlight tag but it turned out everyone had to get up fairly early the next morning.)

So we went to Walmart, where while they were debating our plans; Sarah, John and I snuck off to go look at the water bras. We decided that Sarah should try one on the outside of her shirt just to see how much larger it'd make her breasts and then I decided that I should have a go at it too thinking it'd be a lark as it was a size A and I wear a C... Of course my luck being funny like it is as soon as I lifted the straps up my arms I looked up to see Annie, Jessie, Tony and the Korean girl staring at me with a rather bemused and worried look about them. I found this all very funny of course and dropped the bra into the bin of boxers behind me and we left.

I saw a really cute kitten out in the parking lot as we were leaving it looked rather thin though and so we all thought it'd be best to take it with us untill we realized that 1) It wouldn't come to us. And 2) Nobody could actually keep her so I, feeling generally guilty, continued on home with them.

All in all it was fun and I'll miss everyone very much when they go off to college.

Stranger to the light.
(Oh don't tell me that doesn't sound uber sheek and mysterious.)


Dead Squirrels... Yum.

I'm listening to: Groove Coverage- Sin

Um.. I've got nothing important to say... I rarely do. But yeah, I started an RP with Diana in our Pansexual Guild on Gaia seems to be starting off on the right foot but as John pointed out it is a bit sad. Oh well.. what kind of pirate had a happy childhood??

Other than that I've piddled around today catching up with Fry and talking sex with Muffin. Tomorrow I've got a haircut so be prepared for photos! Hopefully it won't look too attrocious.

Oh and I found this amsuing.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Muahaha! I fixed my router! I'm in my room again... Back to looking for indecent porn and watching children cyber! Whoot!

Hem.. that is all.


Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Misguided Adventures of the Stewed Rabbit

I'm listening to: Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall

So I'm staying at Tinas, a woman I know from work, because my family sucks and went to the beach without me. Funaognakninkdk

Anway... today I'm going to go out with Tina's daughter Sterling (23) and her friend Holly (13). We're going to go to the post office to arrange my passport and then to the mall and a movie. Since it's tax free this weekend I'm going to try and get some clothes or something and um.. generally buy stuff. Not too much though. I've gotta save! >.<

Anyway I'll update this when I get back to talk about my swag and the cute little bunny they've got.

So I got a few things... faired pretty well I think. Hot Topic was having a sale so I got two shirts there for 20 bucks. One was black and pink with GIR on it and the other has sexy Potter boy on it. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with my shopping lately as I also bought a brown racer styled jacket at Gadzooks to go with a pink tank I got at Walmart... yeah... I kinda got a hat at G-zooks too. And to mixed feelings I won the necklace I bid on, I thought I might use it for a Misato costume later. But to be fair that's the girliest I've been in a good while! =X

But yeah, good day I think!

Future member of shopaholics anonymous.


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sunshiny happy thoughts!

I'm listening to: Frank Sinatra- Come Fly with Me

So today was just lovely bubbly, and no for once I'm not being sarcastic. I got up early this morning to talk to Fry as he was supposed to be comming from Jersey today he didn't show though so I went back to sleep. After I got up though I went to Frankies with Daniel, Sarah and some other people from Alabaster. It was a compleate blast, though sadly they didn't have DDR anymore, just some off brand dance game. I still played of course, but it wasn't quite the same. =(

Playing DDR

I did however find a new game to add to my favorite list! It's called DM or something. It's fun though, you've got to hit this drum a certain way when these symbols come down.. yeah, I know just like all my other favorites. XD

Playing DM

Sarah and I playing air hockey.

After that I yippity skipped myself over to work and counted some nickels in my little HH Gregg sweater and wrongly thought I was alone.

Playing DM

So yeah.. that was my day.

The tip of the sunshiny happy iceburg.


Monday, August 01, 2005

Ghosts and Freckles

I'm listening to: Nothing today... watching the Sixth Sense.

Since I've started work I've gotten some of the weirdest compliments ever. Like that I have nice teeth, cute shoes and pretty eyes. 0.o

The out of towners are gone now which I'm very glad to hear as I've had to blow off three of them when they called. Because for some reason I find it impossible to lie about my phone number. On the unfortunate side the worst of them works at our store. I'm seriously about to turn him in for sexual harasment. Yesterday I was sitting down with Rhonda, a very nice but blunt lady I work with, eating lunch and he came up behind me and pressed himself all up against my back and when I moved he just leaned in closer. Ugh, he's just sick really.

I tried telling everyone I had a boyfriend when they asked that kind of thing, a bit of a lie maybe but it was worth a shot. Anyway that didn't work either.

Other than all that though it's a nice job and I'm making a decent amount of money at it so it's all good.

Hum... yeah, I'm not in the mood for bloging right now. So um.. I'm going to the beach Friday-Sunday. Whoot!

Just here.