Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sunshiny happy thoughts!

I'm listening to: Frank Sinatra- Come Fly with Me

So today was just lovely bubbly, and no for once I'm not being sarcastic. I got up early this morning to talk to Fry as he was supposed to be comming from Jersey today he didn't show though so I went back to sleep. After I got up though I went to Frankies with Daniel, Sarah and some other people from Alabaster. It was a compleate blast, though sadly they didn't have DDR anymore, just some off brand dance game. I still played of course, but it wasn't quite the same. =(

Playing DDR

I did however find a new game to add to my favorite list! It's called DM or something. It's fun though, you've got to hit this drum a certain way when these symbols come down.. yeah, I know just like all my other favorites. XD

Playing DM

Sarah and I playing air hockey.

After that I yippity skipped myself over to work and counted some nickels in my little HH Gregg sweater and wrongly thought I was alone.

Playing DM

So yeah.. that was my day.

The tip of the sunshiny happy iceburg.



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