Monday, May 30, 2005

Caught between Lullabies and Political Rhetoric

I'm listening to: Silent Hill 4 Official Sountrack- Lullaby
Silent Hill
So today’s Memorial Day and it’s been raining so that nulls my plans for today. We’ve been staying in this really nice apartment while the roof is getting fixed which unfortunately won’t be done for another two to three weeks. >.< href="">Ares. It’s a peer to peer program has a lot of movies on it, it’s pretty good for music too though if you want more techno-ish things go with Soulseek. Oh and please for the love of all that is 1337 get Peer Guardian, it’ll block Gov. IP’s.
Anyway that’s enough of my plugin’s for today.

Other than that I’ve got some interviews to get to and my Graduation’s on Thursday. So I’ll be pretty busy this week. Oh Sarah if you’re reading this, which I doubt but I’m going to say it anyway, give me a call if you want to go to the lake again.


PS- I lied about the plugin's I found some good independent media sites that you should all check out. Be informed, fight for your feedoms.

Air America- Live talk radio with newscasts by Randi Rhodes.
Democracy Now- Independent media broadcasts.
Media Matters for America- Against corporate broadcasting.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

I'm listening to: Secret Garden: Nocturne

secret garden

Ugh, we moved our stuff into the appartment today.. and big surprise no wi-fi. So I'll have a nice two to three weeks without the net... Pure joygasm.

Anyway I.. I really have nothing to say but that I on Friday we built a pyramid of cans at breakfast. Photos an an explination will come soon after, I'm just really not in the mood to blog tonight.

This weekened's been a whooole lot of drama. Nothing directly concerning me it was pretty much Justin and Kristin and a nice big squallor at the pool hall and on the way home.

The next night (Saturday) I went to see Star Wars! Great movie, I reaaaaaaally recomend that everyone see it. After that I wasted a good 4 bucks on DDR and some stupid FPS that I coudln't figure out how to work.

When I got home I had a message from Joe which worried me cause I didn't know what the hell was going on. Anyway I called him back and it turns out that Kristin ran out on Justin. And I had no clue what to say to that.. I kind of feel bad for not having any info about where she went cause I figure if I haddn't of pissed her off last night she would have told me. But as it is she didnt' tell me where she was going and I had no clue what to say to them. I'm not entirely surprised though.. she does that sort of thing sometimes. Even though it was pretty well.. low of her I still hope she's ok.

Anyhow there was that and me attempting to learn Scarlet this morning which went pretty well. I got the first half of it down, hopefully I'll be able to learn how to play the piano properly over the summer. I would have probably worked on it some more if my bloody batteries hadn't of died.

Oh another random fact. Muffin and I have decided to go for the barcode tattoos! I just hope I don't regret it later. XD Now we've just got to work out a ride to NC to get them done, and we're in buisness.

The eternal breeding partner to X5-600-9.


PS- Our entire country is going to hell. Please don't let liberty and democracy die with a whimper. Petition against the Real ID act today and help restore our rights!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Water Damage and the Roof Caves In

I'm listening to: Placebo- Sleeping with Ghosts
sleeping with ghosts
OMG! My life rocks SO hard right now!! I just found out about the most orgasmic thing EVER! (albiet a bit late) George Romero made another zombie movie!!!!! ^________^ It's called Land of the Dead and it's supposed to come out June 24th! I'm majorly psyched, I'm SO gonna see that. XD

Oh, and Sony released the PS3 design too!! God that machine is beautiful... I read that it's going to have 7 wireless controllers intigrated and has about double the power of the 360 so I'll definatly be getting one! (Though being an Xbox fangirl you know I'm going to get both.) *squee* I'm not sure if I like the new wave of silver electronics or not but this has three different colors so it's all good! I don't know how comfortable that controller looks though.. kinda iffy if you ask me, but still.. really sleek design so kudos to whoever's responsible! I'm glad they kept the button configurations the same though, would have compleatly thrown off my game.

Wow.. my nerdiness is REALLY showing through isnt' it? Oh well.. I am geeky and proud of it!

Aaron's going to E3 and gets to play all the demos and everything! T_T Lucky bastard... If you're reading this I want paraphanalia!!

Oh I wanna go see Star Wars this Friday but I know it's gonna be packed. =/ I WAS thinking of wearing a cloak to it but Fry's threatened to disown me. I'm doing it anyway though so nyah! XP
Anyway I really hope that it's not sold out. I'll have to see if Justin and Kristian and Joe wanna go, then maybe we could Fandango it or something.
Star Wars Ep 3
Hopefully I'll still be able to make it to Otakon this summer. I'm still not sure if I can go or not but the tickets will be gone soon. Arg. >.< If anyone wants to go, hit me up and we can work out gas or sex or something. XD (Offer of sex void to all non-zombie beings.)

Man this summer's going to kick. There are like a bagillion movies I wanna see, THANK YOU Johnny and Ewan! *drool*

Ah, only what... six more "real" days left! Well eight if you count exam days but I don't really. XD It feels weird that I'm never going to have to come back here. Weird but pretty damn good. I think I could go at LEAST another 10 years before I have to see most of these people again. I mean conversation after rediculously loud, I-can't-hear-myself-think, conversation about their sexual exploits and how unfair their daddies are for taking away the Ferrari is just grand... But moving on please thanks! I won't miss hearing all the drama that's for sure!

Succesfully evaded the chaos.




PS- If annnnyone wants to let me stay at their house durring exams I'll love you forever! <3 We have to move out for two weeks while they redo our floor. Ugh.. Damn pipe bursting, now I've got to try to study with my bro and sis running about in a hotel room... *shudder*

Monday, May 16, 2005

Ever running sinks and a lack of soap

I'm listening toooooo: Prodigy- Spitfire


I took my camera to school today, for no particular reason other than to capture the building before I get to leave it forever. I wanted to remember the simple things... Like having no soap in the bathrooms and how the clocks in the hall never work.


Notice that NEITHER of those sinks will turn off.

Oh and the loverly constuction site outside my art class. No sarcasm in that one, I actually think all the rust is pretty.. in a deteriorating kind of way. I think I have a slight obsession with industrial delapidation, it's just.. nice somehow. I don't want to clutter my blog with all the pictures from today though.. there's just too many of them but I'm going to be putting them on my DeviantArt site if anyone wants to look.

Anyway I've been wanting a barcode tattoo forever! Mostly since my all time favorite show in the universe, Dark Angel, introduced me to them 4 years ago. Anyway today I found this nifty program through Google called Barcode Magic that lets you make custom tat's. Soooo I couldn't resist!! I made two one for me, Designation X5-495-4! And my sexah piggy partner in crime, X5-600-9!


I'm seriously considering getting one now.. I mean come ON look at them!!!! HAWT! It miiiight be worth the pain.. maybe. I'll think about it. =X

Anyhow this is X5-495-4, signing off!



Look *gasp* it's me!


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Jedi Chicken and the Wolf

I'm listening to: Poe- Haunted


Nothing overly interesting to speak of today. I got up semi-early for a weekend, twelve! And I was my usual lazy self untill I realized it was Sunday and Jen and I needed to get to Kinko's some time before it closed to print out the ad's for our buisness thingie project. Anyway she gave me a call around one, thankfully cause I'd lost her number, and we figured we'd go in a few hours... So I had to figure out how to burn the CD cause apparently Photoshop files are friken huge. So I did some boring converting for a bit and took a shower and ran down to Kinko's with Jen.


Ten dollars, 40 minutes, and a chicken club sandwich later we were done and back at my house! I didn't want to ruin the glossy prints we had made by tapeing them on posterboard though cause to be honest... they were damn sexy. I mean... really. XD We agreed to just keep them in the folder and when we're done with the project I'm hanging them on the wall. *drool* I'm so oddly proud of myself.

Anyway after that mom kept kindly interrupting my conversation with Fry with horribly stupid questions about how to use the internet. But being patient I tried to explain to her the concept of posting a profile and the magical wait that ensues from this action. Apparently she couldn't follow that an admin had to approve the profile BEFORE it showed up. As I was trying to explain this Justin dropped by to pick me up to go hang out at Joe's.

Soooo I told her to get over it and I'd show her it tomorrow and left. I figured she'd lock me out when I got back but much to my surprise she haddent. In fact... she didn't get on my case at all which is really making me nervous cause I figure she must have something she'll bitch at me for later.

But anyway we got to Joe's and watched this weird ass movie with ugh.. what's her name.. the blonde chick.. uh.. here's a photo.


Anyway it was like Little Red Riding Hood only on speed, with a gun and lesbian inmates. @_@

It was fun though, good time had. Unfortunatly I promised people terriaki chicken for... sometime in the future. So I'll have to work that out somehow.

Buuuut for now I'm gonna go to sleep. <3

Su muñeca hispánica.



I'm listening to: AFI- Day's of the Pheonix


Well... I woke up this morning late again. =( I hate when I do that. I really should make an effort to plan something for the next day so that I don't feel like I've got no reason to get up at a resonable hour. But I've got some things to do tomorrow so I'll have to get up early. (Mostly school related unfortunatly)

Enough about tomorrow though, this blog is about today! Well like I said I woke up late, and then I went downstairs to try and find some purpose... And then I saw a donut. But I refrained from its sticky, icing covered deliciousness and made this uber good shake I saw in some magazine forever ago. Healthy and all that but still really good. It had stawberry's, milk and bananas in it. ^__^ Stupid thing that word.. Banana. I never know when to stop with the N's. I mean really.. you could very well spell it bannana or bananna or even bannanna though it clearly looks wrong that way.

But anyway, I figured my room had gotten messy enough for one week. I really should have taken a photo to show.. Ugh it was horrible. I hadn't had time to do shit this week. SO much school work, due mostly to my procrastination. I'll remind myself to stop that later. Back to the topic though, I cleaned it up really nicely, quite proud of myself.

After I'd cleaned up I decided to take a hop in the shower. (I figured I needed to leave the house at some point today) When I got out I had a little chat with Diana and Fry and ordered some Chinese food for mom and I. You wouldn't BELIEVE how hard it is to get chinese delivery around here! But anyway I finally found one, got a nice order of seseme chicken and fried rice for me and some vegtable fried rice and an egg-roll for mom. I thought that maybe we could rent a movie also but it turns out Megan and Cameron were going to be home around 8 that night (they'd gone camping with Randy) so that was kind of out.

So I went back upstairs to do nothing for a few hours. I thought maybe I could get in a painting or what-not.. but then Paul IM'd me asking for my address. Which confused the hell out of me because I'd forgotten that he was supposed to drive me to Jimmy's LAN-party! XD

Anyway he came and got me around 6:30 or 7 and I ended up staying till about 12. It was alot of fun really, we had 6 TV's, 4 Xbox's, a PS2 and a Pop'n and Beatmani contoller. Oh and about 12 people, a buncha guys and then me and Elij. I ended up playing Pop'n and looking up strange fetishes online with Anthony, Paul and this red-headed guy, who's name I can't remember, from my chemistry class.

We had the TV's set up pretty well so that not everyone could screenwatch. Two to a TV and all the TV's faced into the room so that we were all in a sense, back to back. Me and Elij claimed the second biggest TV and dubbed it the vigina's only zone, course we stole Jimmy's bean-bag chair to share. The other TV was in the kitchen in the next room so anyone not currently playing Halo 2 could go in there and play or watch some Pop'n, Beatmani or Guilty Gear as loud as they wanted without throwing off Halo. See we were all playing together so the room sounded like a battle zone or something. Pretty cool since having 4 TV's gave us a kind of surround sound effect.

I ended up getting to be Pope John Paul II and I kicked ass on Phantom King of the Hill, thooough on the Slayer mode I kinda got my ass kicked. XD It's SO weird seeing "Pope Benidict assasinated Pope John Paul II" on the screen every half second. (Pope B was the red-headed guy and he KEPT beating the shit out of me despite the fact that there were 11 other people he could have been picking on) It's really fun playing with so many people... besides the fact that every other time you respawn you're RIGHT in front of someone with a rocket launcher.

Speaking of rocket launchers. Elij did the cooooolest thing with one. Sure it killed me twice over but it looked great! I figured that since Master Chief can't exactly run fast that the best way to the hill would be to get one of the Banshee's and moter my heavy duty ass down there. Anyway I was about half way down there when Elij, nicknamed Dorketta, jumped in front of me out of nowhere and blew the shit out the Banshee. But that's not all! We were on a bridge and the Banshee did this huge flip off of it and RIGHT into the "hill" which was great for me cause I'd jumped out! It would have worked perfectly if we hadn't been on the same TV cause she would have assumed I was dead. But alas... she knew I wasn't, so as I was sitting there hunched behind the thing thinking she didn't know I was alive she snipped me right in the head!

So yup good time had by all!

Anyway I'm sure anyone who's reading this is weeping for me to stop all the Halo chatter. So random moment! This is what I'm now reading!

The Cortana in your hard-drive. ^_~

Ashley <3

EDIT: This has nothing to do with anything but I forgot to put it in the main post and I don't want to run the risk of loosing a good story for later...

I for some reason unknown (Ok so I was playing pool, and I use that term loosly because it was more like hitting balls with sticks.) and I ended up jacking off a poolstick with chalk. You know the kind.. the stuff you're supposed to rub on the end of the que to keep it from slipping or whatever it's supposed to do. Anyway it was well suited as it was the white variety not the blue! =X

Yes I know.. I'm a sick, sick girl.

But it seemed like the right thing to do at the time! Mostly because the aftershock of 2 orange sodas and a red bull (please for the love of all that is good in this world do NOT mix the two) will leave you higher than any narcotic and partially because being surrounded by that many guys for an extended period of time will do that to you.

Anyway that's my side track... OUT!

Friday, May 13, 2005

We are not nuggets!

Ok so summer's comming around yeah? Well anyway in order to keep up with all of my friends and things I decided to get a blog. Cause I don't plan on seeing you people again. EVER.

Anyway I decided that Livejournal was not for me. Mostly because I forgot my user name... but nevermind that. This is cooler anyway. I got to pick up my URL which by the way it hawt! And it's all.. customizeable and.. stuff.

Let's see.. I'm currently excited about the new Xbox! They've formally released the design and name now. They're calling it 360 for sure now and it shoooould be out in November. *crosses fingers* SO gonna get one of them though.

Hum... what else is going on... Oh I shoved a load of penciles and random objects down my shirt. Fry's been teasing me for a long while about how many I could fit in my cleavage and now we know! It's exactly 13 pens, 3 screwdrivers (Torx 10, 15, and a four in one Allway), one exacto knife, and a battery... AA to be exact. Oh and a pair of scissors. Can't forget that.
Proof! ^

Anyway it's been a pretty satisfying day, TGIF whoot! Got a massive headache though, I blame in on my wisdom teeth, I've really got to go get those pulled sometime soon. Oh and I did get order my robes for Graduation to anyone who was concerened about me not going.

Well that's all for me today!

The fox that is enagmatic... and things.


PS- If you want to know what the title's about...