Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One Line

I don't really have time for a proper blog today, though I've got LOTS to tell about my trip to Chicago. But that will all have to wait. Because today I found out about something that I'd only thought about in my very idealistic mind. That thing is the ONE campaign. I urge you all to take part in it, in whatever way you can. The cause is very VERY worthwhile, just for one minute put yourselves in the shoes of the people this campaign is trying to reach, then go one step further and donate a few more minutes of your time to supporting it.

Thanks for your compassion.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back to the Taco Lair!

I’m listening to: Alanis Morrissette- Hands Clean

Hands Clean
Well we’re all moved back into the house now, unfortunately I couldn’t find some of the cords for our router and modem so the nets been incapacitated. It hasn’t been completely horrible for me though, I’ve managed to find some more productive things to do even if the loss of connectivity has been getting to me. I managed to do two sketches one of which I’ve been photoshopping, two very random wallpapers, a painting and a nice written summary for my story.

We started to put all the furniture back downstairs last Monday which was a bit of a mess but what’re you gonna do right? I somehow managed to cut my foot while moving things around and didn’t notice till I saw a nice sized puddle of blood where I was standing. I back tracked a little to see what it was (conveniently there was a trail) and I think it was this little porcelain Indian doll we’ve got. Anyway I got that fixed up and then finished moving down things and called up my friend Tayce to see what she was up to and ended up going to stay the night with her.
Anyway the next day Tayce and I went for Chinese and then to pick up a package at the apartments. If you remember a while back my friend Aaron went to the E3 convention and managed to pick up a good deal of free paraphanalia, anyway he sent me a box of the stuff AND the Dark Angel game for Xbox!! *joygasm* I wish I had a job at a gaming store or something where I had an ID card then I’d have a place to wear the lanyards he sent, one was for the Cube, Advance and DS and the other was for the PS2 and PSP. He also sent me this Microsoft shirt promoting Half Life 2, uber geeky and right up my alley. It says “Show me your MODS. I’ll show you mine.” Anyway there were some other things from Magic and Payload and Final Fantasy too but I won’t list everything at you.

Oh speaking of jobs though, I got one at what was probably the third place I interviewed with, H.H. Gregg, they’re something like a Best Buy only they sadly don’t carry games. =( Anyway I’m supposed to go in on the 27th for some sort of staff meeting and then I think we’ll open the next Monday or so. They pay pretty well for a cashiering job and it’s pretty close to home so I won’t have to worry too much about gas and that sort of thing. Hopefully it’ll end up paying well in the long run and I’ll be able to get my own phone and things. I’ll keep you all updated on that one.

Besides that I’ve found that I MAY have to go off to the pit of the American Midwest... Ohio. I’m pretty sure the only thing that’s come of that state is that one song by Hawthorn Heights. Granted... it’s a great song, but doesn’t mean I want to spend one prime week of my Summer there.

Another interesting thing that I’ve come across recently... or rather decided to do recently, I’ve had the book for weeks, is This book will change your life. It’s got a sheet of directions for every day for a year and supposedly if you follow these directions it will change your life. I figure that since I have no life and some of the pages are quite humorous that I’d take a stab at it. So everyday or at least once a week, I will scan one of these pages into this blog along with a small summary of what happened when I did it. It’s doubtful that I’ll go in order. I rather like the fourth days sheet so I think I’ll start with that one.
Day 4
Larger version ^

The new Altoid. Curiously strong, always refreshing.



Monday, June 06, 2005

Enlightenment and Sunburns

I'm listening to: Trapped- Still Frame
There are about a million things running through my head right now and as confusing as that is the worst part is that I have to sort them. It's weird considering I had SUCH a good morning.


I went down to the pool yesterday and got burnt as all hell (see above) though that didn't keep me from my resolution to spend some more time living and less time sitting on my ass. I've decided that this summer and through to the following will be a time of great reform for me. I will from now on take a larger role in activism, the enjoyment of nature and the refinements of a good book and an increase in social interaction.
In an attempt to do some of this I went out with Roo for a nice walk by the river. I of course took the camera with me but I've learned through the last couple of years that it's almost impossible to capture the intricacy and beauty of what I actually see on film. But as is my way, I tried. It was a really nice day for it actually, sunny, not overly hot and really quiet. I found a few interesting things to photograph, one being what I think was a sewer main that looked alot like the well from The Ring.
Anyway in more of an effort to restructure myself I'm going to try to get back into my Buddist studies. Hopefully this Summer I'll get some nice artwork done and well.. try to figure out what to do with my future. Lots of things to think about, tons of blanks to fill, and about a million sources of insperation I havn't tapped into yet. Wish me luck.

Busy gaining her barings.


Me and trees

Oh and for my policital plug in for today a nice article I think we all should read by Kate Gilbert.