Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Twine, twigs and string.

I'm listening to: Men at Work- Down Under

My shopping list has changed a bit. I've gone to look at my apartment now so I've got a much better idea what I need to do to decorate it. I'm starting to get worried that I might be too eclectic for it to look good though. I mean I have medieval looking dragon bookends and incense holders and then I've got modern black and white things and then there are my hippyesque bed covers and curtains and my Asian paper lamps.. hopefully it will all look good once it's put together. I'll just have to see once I actually get everything in.

I'm going to be putting up some of my artwork and paintings though so that'll be really fun to do. Nina said I could paint the walls and do whatever else I wanted as well so I might end up making some mural type designs in the bathroom and such. I'm actually really excited to get in and start moving all my stuff around in it. I don't really care for the light fixtures she's got in the living room so I was thinking of picking up one of these paper lanterns to replace them.

yellow lantern white lantern

I'm leaning toward the yellow pair myself but I'll hold off on them till I look at the place again.

Other than that it's just more saving and getting things for the place. I'm basically nesting in. I'll have a patio as well so I might hit up some garage sales and look for some good deals on furniture for that too. I might even take up gardening a little. That won't be till much later though. My immediate concerns are to save for the ferret nation cage for my rats and to move myself in.

I'm actually really excited though. Nervous but I'm excited. It'll be nice having my own place where people can't move my stuff around.

Oh Possum!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Melody and Magic

I'm listening to: Oasis- Stop crying your heart out

I got a new haircut, earrings (they're koi) and nose-rings! Omg! This blog is an excuse for pictures I'll come edit later.