Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wake up with Music on my Mind

I'm listening to: A Serious Cacophony

Thus the wedding plans are coming together. We've got clothes picked (but still hunting for the perfect blue flats)... The invitations are mailed (mostly) and the general feel of things is making itself known.

So yay right? Not exactly... My playlist has become a dumping ground for "oh this song's okay" and "well I'm sure mom would like to hear that" it's definitely time for editing.

It's a four hour wedding and I've got about... I dunno 8 hours of music. But it still just doesn't feel right ya know? It's like the ambiance didn't get the memo from the rest of the group.

And to top it off Michael and I have never really had a song. Not one that we called anyway. So there again... what do dance to?

I like to think I have good musical taste I really do. But it's time for some outside help. That's why I'm posting the current playlist (horrible ugly blemishes and all) up for you my friends. Make suggestions, lemmie know if you really think Thriller needs to get played or if you think 3OH is just a bit much.

(Click for BIGGER)

I'm yours. (musically anyway)


PS- We're going to have a rock band station inside! (no point I just wanted to say it.)


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