Saturday, November 26, 2005

Give me a moment please... PICASO?!

I'm listening to: Savage Garden- Crash & Burn

I've just realize that my most creative moments come when I am bored as all hell. I've been outcast, again today to the appliance pod. And contrary to what I know some of you belive (Don't you hear the sarcasm now...) nobody buys freezers to put under their Christmas trees. Nor do they wish to give that special someone a toaster oven for Hanukkah. So here I sit, with nothing to ring up untill some insensitive bastard gets his wife a Dyson. Lucky woman that one...

But back to the creativity thing... Thus far today I've written one poem, a song parody, and thought of three or four paintings I could do for my Holiday cards this year. Isn't that ironic? That durring this moment of extreme barreness and lack of activity my mind has come up with all these things.

Another quite random thought has entered my head as of the past four minutes... Everyone's heard that Marks & Morgan jewlers commercial right? Well anyway you know that line that goes, "It's got to go straight to the heart.."? Well when I heard it just then the only thing I could think of was some muscle bound wrestler in a really tight and bright leotard getting cheered on as he was about to take it to some guy "straight to the heart". I've named him Marks'n Morgan, and I think I will draw this senario at some point. Or mabye not. Because by the time I sit down to do it (at home) I'm sure that I'll have found something much more worthwhile to get myself into.

Wow.. I havn't felt this much creativity since school. Maybe I need this boring near torturous atmosphere to work... I should subject myself to this discomfort much more readily in the future. But for now I'll stop talking about my innermost thoughts and my "emo" emotions.

Vauge like a veal.


It's Zim and Gir... gettit? (It didn't work in LJ... :( )

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hares and presents!

I went shopping with Sarah.. Um.. Yes, and I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! Yay!

Oh and I got a haircut...



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <3<3


Thursday, November 03, 2005

My two front teeth... giv'em back biznatch.

I'm listening to: Jack off Jill- Strawberry Gashes

Okay so now that Halloween is over the commercialism that drives us all is FORCING us to think about Christmas... well not so much Christmas as the gifts that must invenitalbly be under our trees lest the kiddies think the Grinch has effectivly stolen the season this year!

Anyway to do my part to help I figured I'd make a list or something to get your ideas flowing. Not so much because I'm a greedy little thing as that I never know what to get you guys and I think if we all do this it might actually stop some of the questions and 5 hour long trips to the mall where we have to fight crowds and crowds of zombielike shoppers in a last ditch attempt to get that "perfect" gift.

Ironicly... my perfect gift would be something I wasn't expecting. Oh well... at least this'll give some direction.

Comics- I'm not actually going to name what I want here but what I've got that isn't finished. Okay and the last two are ones I want.
Red River: 1-4
Imadoki: 1-2
Card Captor Sakura: 1
Tokyo Mew Mew: 1
Lenore: Noogies
Nightmares and Fairy Tails: Once Upon a Time

Oh afterthought... I wouldn't mind Fushigi Yugi.

DVD's- I only really want two and yeah... they're box sets.
Hyper Police
Invader Zim
Tokyo Mew Mew

Actually if anyone can find one for So Weird or Animorphs that'd be freaking awesome too. I miss this show too if anyone wants to find me a place to download it. ^___^

Clarrissa Explains it All

CD's- Only a few cause I like to steal.
Pink Floyd
T.A.T.U.'s Euro Mix
Silent Hill OST
Michael Buble (Any of his really)

South Korea's got Seoul
Weird Bear from SLG

Sailor Moon for Genesis
Xbox 360 (this is really up here for my mom)
Game boy Mirco

Misc- Just some random crap I like.
Zombie Bunny
Xbox sign
Tim Burton's left shoe (though I'm not really expecting it)
Ipod photo

Oh and pleaaaaaaaase don't get me anything to put up on my wall. I've got like... zero space left. So yeah. Unless it's an Xbox sign... ^__^

NOTE- This will be edited... most likely.