Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zombies, Cars and Toilet Seats.

I'm listening to: Jumper- Third Eye Blind

So we've got new news about that Carver I've been eying.... and it's not going to happen. I mean common Norway, what's with the new jack up in the price. 48,000? You can do better than that! Or do I have to try to convince you with my womanly charms... It can be arranged.

Anyway... I suppose now I'll have to figure out how to drive a stick shift. So congrats Smart you've officially won my money. All 17,000 dollars worth. (I'm going for the convertible)

Anyway in addition to redecorating my living room I've decided to do my part and go a little greener. So here's my first feature of a really cool green product for those of us who don't have alot of room (like me) for a washing machine.

toilet washer

And on a totally unrelated and awesome note, House of the Dead 2&3 for the Wii is a must have. I swear to god I've NEVER had that much fun shooting up zombies on a home console before. It completely embodies the feel and wonderfulness that is the arcade game without all the quarters lost. I know they've brought out the game on other consoles before but the wiimote made all the difference, being able to aim at the screen and play with a friend was amazing. We got further that day then we ever did with 20 dollars at Frankies. So if you were debating this game, or just looking for something new for your Wii GET IT.

So say we all.


PS- I might be going to see Run Fatboy Run today, I'll update you later.