Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Traits and Treats

Your dating personality profile:

Adventurous - Just sitting around the house is not something that appeals to you. You love to be out trying new things and really experiencing life.
Big-Hearted - You are a kind and caring person. Your warmth is inviting, and your heart is a wellspring of love.
Liberal - Politics matters to you, and you aren't afraid to share your left-leaning views. You would never be caught voting for a conservative candidate.

Your date match profile:

Big-Hearted - You want someone compassionate, someone gentle and kind. A loving, nurturing person will fill that hole in your life.
Religious - You seek someone who is grounded in faith and who possesses religious values. You believe that a religious person can enhance your life.
Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Adventurous
2. Big-Hearted
3. Liberal
4. Religious
5. Intellectual
6. Practical
7. Funny
8. Traditional
9. Sensual
10. Shy
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Big-Hearted
2. Religious
3. Practical
4. Adventurous
5. Shy
6. Funny
7. Intellectual
8. Traditional
9. Conservative
10. Romantic

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I'm listening to: Moby- James Bond Remix

So I got that thing ^ out of John's Livejournal... yeah.

What'd I do today? Hum. Not one damn thing. I woke up... layed in bed and enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to get up early. So naturally I went back to sleep. I had a disturbing dream about tiny, Lilipution type, people living in our garage who wanted equal rights. Then I had another dream that Fry came to visit mixed in with some sort of Series of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter cross where I was an orphan and my teeth were shattering. I forget what broken teeth mean again... Remus did offer to fix them for me, somehow he'd turned into a dentist.

Anyway after all that I really woke up, made myself a new Deviant ID and colored some more stuff in photoshop that's still not done. Then I took a break to watch Shaun of the Dead (got it at Wallmart for 12 bucks!), played some piano and then wasted the rest of the day playing around on Gaia and sparatically chasing my dog around the house. I blame the latter part on the giant pixy stick I'd downed 3 minutes prior to the activity.


Hum... other than that I'm just waiting for Bunny to come back from Jersey and working fairly long days. I think I'll survive both though.

In the meantime..

Not yours though eternally sunstricken.


PS- I took an ink blot test.. yeah I know.. shoot me now.

Ashley, your subconscious mind is driven most by Love

Everyone has a desire to love. But your desire is rooted very deeply in your unconscious and affects many of the decisions you make in life — whether you are aware of it or not.

You have an energy about you that inspires people to experience their true feelings of love and act kindly towards others. In this way, you and your drive for loving relationships start a chain reaction of positive experiences.

The reason you are driven by love, may be because your unconscious is trying to avoid the opposite of love — hate. You, more than others, may be afraid of experiencing severe discord with others. That may, in turn, heavily influence your choices about relationships and the way you communicate your ideas, wants, and desires to others.

With such a strong orientation towards loving others, your relationships hold a very special place in your life. Your capacity to love may be greater than those around you, and therefore you may have more to give in relationships than your romantic partner does. Remember that this is a gift you have and one most others don't possess.

Though your unconscious mind is driven most strongly by Love, there is much more to who you are at your core.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Factories, Penguins and Espionage.

I'm listening to: Front Line Assembly- Millennium

Well today was a good day, one of the only I've had off since I started my job and very fullfilling. I got up at the bright and cheery hour of 11 today and took Megan to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Only when I got there at around 2 for the 2:30 showing I found out there was no 2:30 showing... But no problem I thought, I'll just take her to Fantastic 4. But that didn't start till 3:30. Soooo I opted for a film called The March of the Penguins, I figured that with it's PG rating it'd be some sort of cartoon with cutesy little penguins or something.

I figured wrong.

The March of the Penguins is actually a documentary. About penguins mateing... in March. Anyway I looked over at Meg and she made a face at me so I politely took my tickets up front to exchange them for the 4:30 showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Much MUCH better movie btw. Maybe a little weird but no less than I'd expect from Johnny and Tim. <3

Teh ring.

All and all I think it was a nice bonding type thing for us to do which I fully intend on keeping up with.

Anyway after that I thought I'd come home and take some photos or draw or something so I did a bit off all that. Which I'll now whore to you. (Don't worry it's just one from each set.) XD

Me with Tooooby!

awwfry awwfry2

Fry don't get mad at me posting your photo! =(

me and roo roo and me

Okay enough creepy whoring from me.

The oracular wanna-be Russian sleeper.



Saturday, July 23, 2005

Numbness of the Swollen Feet Persists: A Tragedy

I'm listening to: Apocalyptica- Faraway Vol. 2


My feet... freaking... hurt. >.< I've been at work for the past 14 hours. 9 am to 11:15 pm respectivly. And out of those 14 hours I've been able to sit for about 1 and 40.

Oh well, overtime is gonna kick a nice sum into my paycheck so I'm not going to complain too much.

I think I worry too much. Like WAY too much about things... certain things. Like boys in London who's country keeps getting bombed. I called to see if things were okay, which is just my way if you can't tell by now. Anyway I got a nice chilly reception of.. "Um.. well we're kinda eating dinner. Yeah, bye." Ugh, this of course is after me worrying from about 9, when I saw it on the news, till about 1, when I was able to go to lunch.

Keep in mind I had to borrow my very generous co-workers car and drive ALL the way down Woodruff road which was freaking packed to the brim as usual. So basicly I drove, without a license (STUPID), to the bank and then the gas station, missed out on lunch and made two calls, neither of which were answered. Keep in mind at the time I didn't know that nobody had been hurt and was starting to carry myself away with my stupid imagination. My fault I know! But anyway I went begrudingly back to work for another two hours or so and then called again only to get the already mentioned greeting.. so yeah, he was okay.

Hum.. I have no life right now. I just realized that. Mostly due to the only interesting thing that happened to me today being that I found around 2 o'clock that I'd been going about all day with my underwear turned inside out. But to be a little bit more adventurous I decided to leave it. Oh yes... I am SUCH a badass. JUST like Quailman! Only... not. =/


Hem.. yes. That is all. I must go read Potter now. John is comanding me, I just can't resist it when he calls me a whore like that. ^_~


The "filthy whore" of spooky doom!



Friday, July 15, 2005

The way it is in the Land of the Living

I'm listening to: Oasis- Champane Supernova


Today was good, I got paid and stuff. Only the government sucks and took about 150 bucks outta my check. =/ Damn you Washington. What kinda Uncle takes money from their neice HUH?! Um... kay done with that. Anyway it's all good I'll get it back at the end of the year.

I'm probably going to end up putting it all in the bank after I pay back Sarah for reserving the Half Blood Prince for me. I don't really need/want anything at the moment other than costumes but I'm always in the mood to buy those. lol Good thing too cause I need to be saving for my trip! Disipline young grasshopper!

I miss Muffin. T_T

I've been on Gaia for the past few days playing slots so that I can get my jesture hat and to run the guild but it just isn't the saaaaame.

Work's been okay, we're open now so I'm hoping we'll be moving along a bit more. They keep making us (the CSR's) gaurd the back door to the warehouse though cause they're doing some work back there and people steal shit.. ect. I hate going back there though. It's like when you were a little kid and you did something wrong your mom always sent you to the most boring stuffy room in the house. Anyway I managed to avoid that for most of the day by making all our register books and being generally useful to everyone.

Oh! And I get a pretty ring for graduating from my dad. ^__^ It'll look just like that only with my school name ect.


The elusive ex-Umbrella Corp. employee.


Check out these really funny tabloid headlines I found.

I found something truely insightful today... It sounded rediculous till I thought about it. Now I'm thinking this may be the way to go. Anybody know anyone in Pakistan?

Playing Twister with my One Armed Friend

I'm listening to: Hawthorn Heights- Ohio is for Lovers
hawthorn heights
Well this weeks been busy as anything... Lots of working to do and then my days off have been spent going to the chiropractor, having deep conversations and trying to re-establish my social life. Though it's been a very satisfying week despite, or maybe because of, all that.

I made myself a new MSN avatar after whoring up my camera with about 100 photos of myself. @_@ Most of them turned out quite well to my surprise, generally I end up with three of four good shots but I came away with a strong 12 or so.

avatar(The final product.)

I got the coolest thing EVER btw! I was at the movie theater with Daniel and they were selling the old movie posters for like two bucks each so I picked up one's for the movies we saw on our birthday, a Cellular one for me, and A Series of Unfortunate Events one for Diana. I reaaaaaaally wanted to get a Shawn of the Dead one but they were out at that point. =/ But the Cellular one looks pretty damn cool in my room you've got to admit.

Anyway apart from that I've just been hanging out and um.. generally just working/ trying to spend time with my sis and friends.

I went over to Johns house on um... Monday I think? Anyway we decided to have a mini hair straightening emo party. lol Not much to speak of there but I thought it might be fun to show off the photos anyway.


I was supposed to be going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Friday night and then to go pick up Harry Potter at the little party-magiger there at Books a Million but I don't know now if that'll work out or not. But I will tell you this.. I'm going to get that book. And I will damn well read it before anyone *coughjohnandsarahcough* spoils it for me. It's been like.. what forever for this one to come out! Anyway I'm excited about it and I'm gonna need to find time to read it so if any of you get neglected next week you know why. XD

Anyway I'm gonna get some rest so I can work some more tomorrow.

Later with your saber Darth Tater.
(SO didn't make up the tater part... it was on a billboard I swear.)


PS- Explination for my headline... Count the limbs.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Explosions of all sorts

I'm listening to: The Magic Numbers- Forever Lost

Well I've been in Charlotte all week.. that's been interesting to say the least. Very easy work but god it gets boring sitting around like that for 10 hours a day. It's not so much that we didn't have anything to do but you just don't want 10 people assigned to a 3 person job.

I thought we'd have time to go out or something durring the evening but that fell through. Just as well though, by the end of the day I was dead tired and it didn't help that Lesley, the girl I was roomed with, stayed up every night till about 1 watching BET's music videos full blast. Ugh. Pain in the rear she was. I don't know what her problem was but she was acting like she was my mother the entire time we were there. Dogging me about where I was going and what not.

Let's just say it was a long week and I'm glad to be back. lol

Yesterday scared me though, what with the London bombings and all. I heard about it while I was at work from one of the girls and she blew it a bit out of proportion. So I went off worrying about it for the next couple of hours till my dinner break then I went and bought a phone card and called up Fry to make sure he was alright.

He said he didn't go anywhere that day so he was okay, that much I figured though of course the possibility was there in the back of my mind all day anyway. But what I was more realistically worried about was his brother Pete who lives there in Central London. Turns out though that neither he nor his girlfriend were anywhere near the explosions so everything turned out alright in that respect. But god, you really just don't want to see something like that on the news knowning people you know live there, and even worse not having really talked to them for the past few days.

But things are alright and I'm back home and I've got to make it an early day tomorrow so that I can talk to Bunny and get ready to see War of the Worlds! Whoot! Thus... sleep is needed.

Gute Nacht!