Saturday, July 23, 2005

Numbness of the Swollen Feet Persists: A Tragedy

I'm listening to: Apocalyptica- Faraway Vol. 2


My feet... freaking... hurt. >.< I've been at work for the past 14 hours. 9 am to 11:15 pm respectivly. And out of those 14 hours I've been able to sit for about 1 and 40.

Oh well, overtime is gonna kick a nice sum into my paycheck so I'm not going to complain too much.

I think I worry too much. Like WAY too much about things... certain things. Like boys in London who's country keeps getting bombed. I called to see if things were okay, which is just my way if you can't tell by now. Anyway I got a nice chilly reception of.. "Um.. well we're kinda eating dinner. Yeah, bye." Ugh, this of course is after me worrying from about 9, when I saw it on the news, till about 1, when I was able to go to lunch.

Keep in mind I had to borrow my very generous co-workers car and drive ALL the way down Woodruff road which was freaking packed to the brim as usual. So basicly I drove, without a license (STUPID), to the bank and then the gas station, missed out on lunch and made two calls, neither of which were answered. Keep in mind at the time I didn't know that nobody had been hurt and was starting to carry myself away with my stupid imagination. My fault I know! But anyway I went begrudingly back to work for another two hours or so and then called again only to get the already mentioned greeting.. so yeah, he was okay.

Hum.. I have no life right now. I just realized that. Mostly due to the only interesting thing that happened to me today being that I found around 2 o'clock that I'd been going about all day with my underwear turned inside out. But to be a little bit more adventurous I decided to leave it. Oh yes... I am SUCH a badass. JUST like Quailman! Only... not. =/


Hem.. yes. That is all. I must go read Potter now. John is comanding me, I just can't resist it when he calls me a whore like that. ^_~


The "filthy whore" of spooky doom!




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