Friday, July 15, 2005

Playing Twister with my One Armed Friend

I'm listening to: Hawthorn Heights- Ohio is for Lovers
hawthorn heights
Well this weeks been busy as anything... Lots of working to do and then my days off have been spent going to the chiropractor, having deep conversations and trying to re-establish my social life. Though it's been a very satisfying week despite, or maybe because of, all that.

I made myself a new MSN avatar after whoring up my camera with about 100 photos of myself. @_@ Most of them turned out quite well to my surprise, generally I end up with three of four good shots but I came away with a strong 12 or so.

avatar(The final product.)

I got the coolest thing EVER btw! I was at the movie theater with Daniel and they were selling the old movie posters for like two bucks each so I picked up one's for the movies we saw on our birthday, a Cellular one for me, and A Series of Unfortunate Events one for Diana. I reaaaaaaally wanted to get a Shawn of the Dead one but they were out at that point. =/ But the Cellular one looks pretty damn cool in my room you've got to admit.

Anyway apart from that I've just been hanging out and um.. generally just working/ trying to spend time with my sis and friends.

I went over to Johns house on um... Monday I think? Anyway we decided to have a mini hair straightening emo party. lol Not much to speak of there but I thought it might be fun to show off the photos anyway.


I was supposed to be going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Friday night and then to go pick up Harry Potter at the little party-magiger there at Books a Million but I don't know now if that'll work out or not. But I will tell you this.. I'm going to get that book. And I will damn well read it before anyone *coughjohnandsarahcough* spoils it for me. It's been like.. what forever for this one to come out! Anyway I'm excited about it and I'm gonna need to find time to read it so if any of you get neglected next week you know why. XD

Anyway I'm gonna get some rest so I can work some more tomorrow.

Later with your saber Darth Tater.
(SO didn't make up the tater part... it was on a billboard I swear.)


PS- Explination for my headline... Count the limbs.



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