Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Factories, Penguins and Espionage.

I'm listening to: Front Line Assembly- Millennium

Well today was a good day, one of the only I've had off since I started my job and very fullfilling. I got up at the bright and cheery hour of 11 today and took Megan to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Only when I got there at around 2 for the 2:30 showing I found out there was no 2:30 showing... But no problem I thought, I'll just take her to Fantastic 4. But that didn't start till 3:30. Soooo I opted for a film called The March of the Penguins, I figured that with it's PG rating it'd be some sort of cartoon with cutesy little penguins or something.

I figured wrong.

The March of the Penguins is actually a documentary. About penguins mateing... in March. Anyway I looked over at Meg and she made a face at me so I politely took my tickets up front to exchange them for the 4:30 showing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Much MUCH better movie btw. Maybe a little weird but no less than I'd expect from Johnny and Tim. <3

Teh ring.

All and all I think it was a nice bonding type thing for us to do which I fully intend on keeping up with.

Anyway after that I thought I'd come home and take some photos or draw or something so I did a bit off all that. Which I'll now whore to you. (Don't worry it's just one from each set.) XD

Me with Tooooby!

awwfry awwfry2

Fry don't get mad at me posting your photo! =(

me and roo roo and me

Okay enough creepy whoring from me.

The oracular wanna-be Russian sleeper.




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