Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lazy days like this they never change.

I'm watching: The Lost World- Jurassic Park.

Changed my mind about that Christmast list...

Let's see what's been going on lately, not a whole lot really. Still havn't registered for classes but I'll be doing that Monday, actually I'm not even entirely sure when classes start... Also I've got to look for another job in addition to Borders but other than that I think things are pretty stable. Michael and I have been doing okay although we did get in a small argument the other day. No biggie though.

We went to see Children of Men last night which was spectacular, really well done film. It wasn't overly dramatic which is what I think made some of the scenes even more shocking. If you get a chance check it out, really powerful social messages in it.

Let's see.. today I've been generally lazy, watching the Jurassic Park movies which I just got on DVD the other day and playing WoW. I'm level 49 now so be proud! Oh and I got two epics as well the Bloodrazor and some mail boots I couldn't use, but that should almost pay for my epic mount right there.

Anyway almost time to head off for work so I suppose I'd better get going.

Don't move.