Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh dear...

I'm listening to: Cobra Starship- Good Girls Go Bad

I've been thinking alot about my kitchen lately and I've decided that it's not in our best interest to do a complete (or expensive) remodel seeing as our houses value is fixed under 100k. But since our plans are probably going to have us in our little starter home for at least another 4 years I definitely want to make it feel more functional and of course more esthetically pleasing. All in all I just want a space that I WANT to cook in.

So here's my mood board.

Clockwise from left to right: Raindrop Friends 8x10 by laurageorge $20, Numerar countertop from Ikea $89, Price Pfister Stainless Steel High-arc Kitchen Faucet at Lowes $83, Modernist Bowls by West Elm $8, Vigo Single Bowl sink at Overstock $102, Penny Rounds at Overstock $6.89 sq/ft, Ekby Jarpen wall shelf Ikea $24.

I want to work with the existing wall color and cabinets and I think that the floating shelves will help me to free up some of the counter space for food prep, which we are very short on at the moment.

Anyway this probably won't happen for another 6 months or so but it's nice to think about.

Good girl out.



Anonymous Jules said...

Hey thanks for your comment! Wow it seems so long ago when we bought all that mid century furniture. So much has happened since then. We've had a big extension built including a whole new kitchen/diner. I have lots of pics but I just haven't got around to blogging them yet. We've gone for oak units painted in a grey/green colour and Corian worktops in a creamy white. We've teamed it with a kitchen island that we bought on eBay. It's got a rustic feel to it with a scrubbed wooden top. Yep...I really do need get some images posted don't I?? Good luck with your kitchen planning - I actually think it's the best bit, the doing is so much more stressful! Jules x

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