Sunday, May 15, 2005

Jedi Chicken and the Wolf

I'm listening to: Poe- Haunted


Nothing overly interesting to speak of today. I got up semi-early for a weekend, twelve! And I was my usual lazy self untill I realized it was Sunday and Jen and I needed to get to Kinko's some time before it closed to print out the ad's for our buisness thingie project. Anyway she gave me a call around one, thankfully cause I'd lost her number, and we figured we'd go in a few hours... So I had to figure out how to burn the CD cause apparently Photoshop files are friken huge. So I did some boring converting for a bit and took a shower and ran down to Kinko's with Jen.


Ten dollars, 40 minutes, and a chicken club sandwich later we were done and back at my house! I didn't want to ruin the glossy prints we had made by tapeing them on posterboard though cause to be honest... they were damn sexy. I mean... really. XD We agreed to just keep them in the folder and when we're done with the project I'm hanging them on the wall. *drool* I'm so oddly proud of myself.

Anyway after that mom kept kindly interrupting my conversation with Fry with horribly stupid questions about how to use the internet. But being patient I tried to explain to her the concept of posting a profile and the magical wait that ensues from this action. Apparently she couldn't follow that an admin had to approve the profile BEFORE it showed up. As I was trying to explain this Justin dropped by to pick me up to go hang out at Joe's.

Soooo I told her to get over it and I'd show her it tomorrow and left. I figured she'd lock me out when I got back but much to my surprise she haddent. In fact... she didn't get on my case at all which is really making me nervous cause I figure she must have something she'll bitch at me for later.

But anyway we got to Joe's and watched this weird ass movie with ugh.. what's her name.. the blonde chick.. uh.. here's a photo.


Anyway it was like Little Red Riding Hood only on speed, with a gun and lesbian inmates. @_@

It was fun though, good time had. Unfortunatly I promised people terriaki chicken for... sometime in the future. So I'll have to work that out somehow.

Buuuut for now I'm gonna go to sleep. <3

Su muñeca hispánica.



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