Monday, May 16, 2005

Ever running sinks and a lack of soap

I'm listening toooooo: Prodigy- Spitfire


I took my camera to school today, for no particular reason other than to capture the building before I get to leave it forever. I wanted to remember the simple things... Like having no soap in the bathrooms and how the clocks in the hall never work.


Notice that NEITHER of those sinks will turn off.

Oh and the loverly constuction site outside my art class. No sarcasm in that one, I actually think all the rust is pretty.. in a deteriorating kind of way. I think I have a slight obsession with industrial delapidation, it's just.. nice somehow. I don't want to clutter my blog with all the pictures from today though.. there's just too many of them but I'm going to be putting them on my DeviantArt site if anyone wants to look.

Anyway I've been wanting a barcode tattoo forever! Mostly since my all time favorite show in the universe, Dark Angel, introduced me to them 4 years ago. Anyway today I found this nifty program through Google called Barcode Magic that lets you make custom tat's. Soooo I couldn't resist!! I made two one for me, Designation X5-495-4! And my sexah piggy partner in crime, X5-600-9!


I'm seriously considering getting one now.. I mean come ON look at them!!!! HAWT! It miiiight be worth the pain.. maybe. I'll think about it. =X

Anyhow this is X5-495-4, signing off!



Look *gasp* it's me!



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