Friday, May 13, 2005

We are not nuggets!

Ok so summer's comming around yeah? Well anyway in order to keep up with all of my friends and things I decided to get a blog. Cause I don't plan on seeing you people again. EVER.

Anyway I decided that Livejournal was not for me. Mostly because I forgot my user name... but nevermind that. This is cooler anyway. I got to pick up my URL which by the way it hawt! And it's all.. customizeable and.. stuff.

Let's see.. I'm currently excited about the new Xbox! They've formally released the design and name now. They're calling it 360 for sure now and it shoooould be out in November. *crosses fingers* SO gonna get one of them though.

Hum... what else is going on... Oh I shoved a load of penciles and random objects down my shirt. Fry's been teasing me for a long while about how many I could fit in my cleavage and now we know! It's exactly 13 pens, 3 screwdrivers (Torx 10, 15, and a four in one Allway), one exacto knife, and a battery... AA to be exact. Oh and a pair of scissors. Can't forget that.
Proof! ^

Anyway it's been a pretty satisfying day, TGIF whoot! Got a massive headache though, I blame in on my wisdom teeth, I've really got to go get those pulled sometime soon. Oh and I did get order my robes for Graduation to anyone who was concerened about me not going.

Well that's all for me today!

The fox that is enagmatic... and things.


PS- If you want to know what the title's about...



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