Sunday, May 15, 2005


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Well... I woke up this morning late again. =( I hate when I do that. I really should make an effort to plan something for the next day so that I don't feel like I've got no reason to get up at a resonable hour. But I've got some things to do tomorrow so I'll have to get up early. (Mostly school related unfortunatly)

Enough about tomorrow though, this blog is about today! Well like I said I woke up late, and then I went downstairs to try and find some purpose... And then I saw a donut. But I refrained from its sticky, icing covered deliciousness and made this uber good shake I saw in some magazine forever ago. Healthy and all that but still really good. It had stawberry's, milk and bananas in it. ^__^ Stupid thing that word.. Banana. I never know when to stop with the N's. I mean really.. you could very well spell it bannana or bananna or even bannanna though it clearly looks wrong that way.

But anyway, I figured my room had gotten messy enough for one week. I really should have taken a photo to show.. Ugh it was horrible. I hadn't had time to do shit this week. SO much school work, due mostly to my procrastination. I'll remind myself to stop that later. Back to the topic though, I cleaned it up really nicely, quite proud of myself.

After I'd cleaned up I decided to take a hop in the shower. (I figured I needed to leave the house at some point today) When I got out I had a little chat with Diana and Fry and ordered some Chinese food for mom and I. You wouldn't BELIEVE how hard it is to get chinese delivery around here! But anyway I finally found one, got a nice order of seseme chicken and fried rice for me and some vegtable fried rice and an egg-roll for mom. I thought that maybe we could rent a movie also but it turns out Megan and Cameron were going to be home around 8 that night (they'd gone camping with Randy) so that was kind of out.

So I went back upstairs to do nothing for a few hours. I thought maybe I could get in a painting or what-not.. but then Paul IM'd me asking for my address. Which confused the hell out of me because I'd forgotten that he was supposed to drive me to Jimmy's LAN-party! XD

Anyway he came and got me around 6:30 or 7 and I ended up staying till about 12. It was alot of fun really, we had 6 TV's, 4 Xbox's, a PS2 and a Pop'n and Beatmani contoller. Oh and about 12 people, a buncha guys and then me and Elij. I ended up playing Pop'n and looking up strange fetishes online with Anthony, Paul and this red-headed guy, who's name I can't remember, from my chemistry class.

We had the TV's set up pretty well so that not everyone could screenwatch. Two to a TV and all the TV's faced into the room so that we were all in a sense, back to back. Me and Elij claimed the second biggest TV and dubbed it the vigina's only zone, course we stole Jimmy's bean-bag chair to share. The other TV was in the kitchen in the next room so anyone not currently playing Halo 2 could go in there and play or watch some Pop'n, Beatmani or Guilty Gear as loud as they wanted without throwing off Halo. See we were all playing together so the room sounded like a battle zone or something. Pretty cool since having 4 TV's gave us a kind of surround sound effect.

I ended up getting to be Pope John Paul II and I kicked ass on Phantom King of the Hill, thooough on the Slayer mode I kinda got my ass kicked. XD It's SO weird seeing "Pope Benidict assasinated Pope John Paul II" on the screen every half second. (Pope B was the red-headed guy and he KEPT beating the shit out of me despite the fact that there were 11 other people he could have been picking on) It's really fun playing with so many people... besides the fact that every other time you respawn you're RIGHT in front of someone with a rocket launcher.

Speaking of rocket launchers. Elij did the cooooolest thing with one. Sure it killed me twice over but it looked great! I figured that since Master Chief can't exactly run fast that the best way to the hill would be to get one of the Banshee's and moter my heavy duty ass down there. Anyway I was about half way down there when Elij, nicknamed Dorketta, jumped in front of me out of nowhere and blew the shit out the Banshee. But that's not all! We were on a bridge and the Banshee did this huge flip off of it and RIGHT into the "hill" which was great for me cause I'd jumped out! It would have worked perfectly if we hadn't been on the same TV cause she would have assumed I was dead. But alas... she knew I wasn't, so as I was sitting there hunched behind the thing thinking she didn't know I was alive she snipped me right in the head!

So yup good time had by all!

Anyway I'm sure anyone who's reading this is weeping for me to stop all the Halo chatter. So random moment! This is what I'm now reading!

The Cortana in your hard-drive. ^_~

Ashley <3

EDIT: This has nothing to do with anything but I forgot to put it in the main post and I don't want to run the risk of loosing a good story for later...

I for some reason unknown (Ok so I was playing pool, and I use that term loosly because it was more like hitting balls with sticks.) and I ended up jacking off a poolstick with chalk. You know the kind.. the stuff you're supposed to rub on the end of the que to keep it from slipping or whatever it's supposed to do. Anyway it was well suited as it was the white variety not the blue! =X

Yes I know.. I'm a sick, sick girl.

But it seemed like the right thing to do at the time! Mostly because the aftershock of 2 orange sodas and a red bull (please for the love of all that is good in this world do NOT mix the two) will leave you higher than any narcotic and partially because being surrounded by that many guys for an extended period of time will do that to you.

Anyway that's my side track... OUT!


Anonymous Bran said...

.... so basically... get you on caffine... and put you around guys... and you jack off inanimate objects... good to know

1:20 PM  
Blogger Ash said...

Yup, pretty much. @_@

10:55 PM  

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