Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Water Damage and the Roof Caves In

I'm listening to: Placebo- Sleeping with Ghosts
sleeping with ghosts
OMG! My life rocks SO hard right now!! I just found out about the most orgasmic thing EVER! (albiet a bit late) George Romero made another zombie movie!!!!! ^________^ It's called Land of the Dead and it's supposed to come out June 24th! I'm majorly psyched, I'm SO gonna see that. XD

Oh, and Sony released the PS3 design too!! God that machine is beautiful... I read that it's going to have 7 wireless controllers intigrated and has about double the power of the 360 so I'll definatly be getting one! (Though being an Xbox fangirl you know I'm going to get both.) *squee* I'm not sure if I like the new wave of silver electronics or not but this has three different colors so it's all good! I don't know how comfortable that controller looks though.. kinda iffy if you ask me, but still.. really sleek design so kudos to whoever's responsible! I'm glad they kept the button configurations the same though, would have compleatly thrown off my game.

Wow.. my nerdiness is REALLY showing through isnt' it? Oh well.. I am geeky and proud of it!

Aaron's going to E3 and gets to play all the demos and everything! T_T Lucky bastard... If you're reading this I want paraphanalia!!

Oh I wanna go see Star Wars this Friday but I know it's gonna be packed. =/ I WAS thinking of wearing a cloak to it but Fry's threatened to disown me. I'm doing it anyway though so nyah! XP
Anyway I really hope that it's not sold out. I'll have to see if Justin and Kristian and Joe wanna go, then maybe we could Fandango it or something.
Star Wars Ep 3
Hopefully I'll still be able to make it to Otakon this summer. I'm still not sure if I can go or not but the tickets will be gone soon. Arg. >.< If anyone wants to go, hit me up and we can work out gas or sex or something. XD (Offer of sex void to all non-zombie beings.)

Man this summer's going to kick. There are like a bagillion movies I wanna see, THANK YOU Johnny and Ewan! *drool*

Ah, only what... six more "real" days left! Well eight if you count exam days but I don't really. XD It feels weird that I'm never going to have to come back here. Weird but pretty damn good. I think I could go at LEAST another 10 years before I have to see most of these people again. I mean conversation after rediculously loud, I-can't-hear-myself-think, conversation about their sexual exploits and how unfair their daddies are for taking away the Ferrari is just grand... But moving on please thanks! I won't miss hearing all the drama that's for sure!

Succesfully evaded the chaos.




PS- If annnnyone wants to let me stay at their house durring exams I'll love you forever! <3 We have to move out for two weeks while they redo our floor. Ugh.. Damn pipe bursting, now I've got to try to study with my bro and sis running about in a hotel room... *shudder*


Anonymous Aaron said...

Your gonna hate me, not only did I go to E3, but I also saw the new Star Wars movie on opening night, hehe

1:43 AM  

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