Sunday, August 21, 2005

Chobits and Chop Suey!

I'm listening to: The Donna's- Take if off

So yesterday I had the day off from work and decided to do something mother-daughterly with.. well my mom.. yeah. Anyway we went to have lunch and see Must Love Dogs, which was okay but not as good as the commercial made it seem. It was nice, I think she had a good time and that made it worth it.

Other than that nothing too exciting's happened other than me getting my Chobit ears! They're haaaawt! It's gonna be a really great costume if I can pull it off. I may go for something a little more bugeted though as the costume I want is about 150 bucks. ^_^;; Yeah, can't really afford that.

Oh and I made myself a new deviantart account for stock photos... only then I realized that a bunch of my photos aren't exactly stock quality. Oh well I'll use it eventually. I made a pretty new icon for it too. ^.^

Um... Fry's gone to Japan and uh.. I'm pretty bored. =/ I'm thinking it's probably not healthy to rely on one person that much but what can you do.

Everyone's gone to collage. I'm alone. *emos*

The Teenage Dirtbag.



Anonymous Pork Muffin said...

A Chii costume is going to be sexy this halloween. I went to party city a while ago, and finally bought some cat ears my self. Eee. Wearing play ears IS fun.

I've added your dev account, but I don't get it. What're stock photos? Are they like camwhorin' it photos? If they are, sign me up!! And that icon, and those pictures, are ADORABLE! I need to take some really good pictures too.

It's healthy to rely on another person, hell, it's human. People need interaction or else they're considered to be broken by society. I would be going crazy if I didn'thave Peter, and that's normal.. Don't worry, don't be all emo, and you'll see him soon! Probably tomorrow.

And hey, I'm all alone at college too.. :( I've been alone this weekend.

12:50 PM  

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