Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Misguided Adventures of the Stewed Rabbit

I'm listening to: Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall

So I'm staying at Tinas, a woman I know from work, because my family sucks and went to the beach without me. Funaognakninkdk

Anway... today I'm going to go out with Tina's daughter Sterling (23) and her friend Holly (13). We're going to go to the post office to arrange my passport and then to the mall and a movie. Since it's tax free this weekend I'm going to try and get some clothes or something and um.. generally buy stuff. Not too much though. I've gotta save! >.<

Anyway I'll update this when I get back to talk about my swag and the cute little bunny they've got.

So I got a few things... faired pretty well I think. Hot Topic was having a sale so I got two shirts there for 20 bucks. One was black and pink with GIR on it and the other has sexy Potter boy on it. I think I may have gone a bit overboard with my shopping lately as I also bought a brown racer styled jacket at Gadzooks to go with a pink tank I got at Walmart... yeah... I kinda got a hat at G-zooks too. And to mixed feelings I won the necklace I bid on, I thought I might use it for a Misato costume later. But to be fair that's the girliest I've been in a good while! =X

But yeah, good day I think!

Future member of shopaholics anonymous.



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