Friday, March 03, 2006

It doesn't bloody exist!

I'm listening to- Hell I'm not gonna lie: nothing.

I went absolutely EVERYWHERE looking for the new Pride and Prejudice today... nothing. Not one freaking copy in Blockbuster, Publix, or Bilo... I decided to be cheap and just rent Flight Plan. It better be good, I'm just saying, you better not disapoint me tonight Jodie.

UPDATE- The movie was fantastic. I was like.. not sure what was going on, which is good. Though I'm glad I just rented it, not much replay value on thrillers like that you know? Still, you should see it. Unless you're flying anytime soon.. like me. Yes. I'm scared now.

So yeah, works not all that great now. Everyone good quit so it's just me Danny, Donna and Randi. For those of you who don't know Randi she's now strickly concidering herself management, so we won't even count her. But besides that thing's are alright. Well.. alright in the mean-time. I'm going with Angela on Friday to look for something else.

So yes. I'm done.



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