Monday, March 20, 2006

<3's in the 1800's

I swear sometimes I think I enjoy torturing myself. Tonight I decided to watch Pride and Prejudice and I swear I couldn't have picked a more heart wrenching movie. I think I cried more over happiness for Elizabeth than anything but now while the credits roll I can't help but think to myself about the likelyhood of being in such a situation myself.

I do hope, as all girls do I'm sure, that something of the sort will eventually come my way. Something real and poignant. Just something tangable. But I suppose you can't wish for those things to come to you, rather you let them find you.

I'm honestly amazed at the performance that Matthew MacFaydyen brought to it. I didn't think I could appreciate anyone other than Colin Furth as Darcy but he proved me wrong. At the end of it I decided that I prefered him. It's a sign of a good actor when you feel as if he's professing his love to you and not the leading actress.

Besides that I'm completely motivated to re-read the book.

I love Jane Austin.



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