Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bleeding badgers teeth Batman!

I'm listening to: The Killers- Jenny was a Friend of Mine

the killers

So last nigh I had a dream that my two bottom front teeth fell out and I was being preped to be on some reality survival show where you progressivly got into worse living conditions... like by day 15 you were in this really rusty, mildewy, broken up shower. It was strange, at the begining I was looking at the REALLY nice bathroom then I walked down the line to see what the rest looked like and they progressivly got worse, and they said each day the nicest one would be closed. That's when my teeth fell out, and I flipped and kept trying to keep them in and ran to Diana for help, who for some reason went with me to look around. Anyway then I decided not to do the show.

I asked one of my friends in psych to analyze it for me, he said it meant that: there is something that you are afraid of putting alot of work or though or something into only to fail at it or have it fall apart or somethin like that.

So yeah.. very relative to my current situation I think. Especially since I got my first wave of reality about things last night and it scared me half to death. Anyway... I think things will be okay. My apprehension is probably normal, in fact it might be stupid of me NOT to be nervous.

Shifty like a fox.



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