Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Martyr's Day, blah.

I'm listening to: Cindy Lauper- Time after Time

Today's Valentine's day. I just thought I'd acknowlage that and move on. I really wouldn't have known if it hadn't had been for Diana sending me a very sweet lesbian kiss on Gaia as nobody else said anything to me, well minus John but he's just sexy like that.

In other news, today the hippy vending machine guy came to fill up the break room. He forgot my snacks. I was disapointed and asked him where they were, he said sorry, gave me a free drink and promised me corn nuts next week.

I had sake for the first time last night. I really liked it actually, a bit strong maybe, but good. PJ ordered it when we went to Sushi Masa. I'm glad I got to meet him finally. Really nice guy he is.

So right now I'm just in the mood to watch Moulin Rouge and emo over some ice cream.




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