Friday, February 17, 2006

The empty jar that sits on the table broke twice.

I'm listening to: Nothing- As in the wind.

I... Okay the past few day's have been a roller coaster. Monday sucked for various reasons which are too personal to discus in detail here. Well not too personal but it involves another person so yeah.. not exactly copywritted to me. Tuesday was good, nothing really happend though, Wendsday I got a cell (finally I know), Thursday I had a really hefty emoish conversation about relationships and a few other things and today my mom when psycho on me for no real reason.

Okay that last parts a lie, but she started yelling at me about going out after work and so I kind of told her to stop bitching at me and then she went overly pissy. Understandable though, I should have appoligized, I might call her later and do so. Maybe. Okay so I probably will, I was a bit out of line.

Hum.. other than that nothing to speak of. I'm emotionally hollow really and just feel the need to draw something good. I havn't really drawn anything I'm especially proud of in the longest time.

I'm not upset really... but I'm not happy either. Tomorrow Daniel and I are going to hang out all day though, and that usually cheers me up. We manage to find fun stuff to do most of the time, either that or random things that turn into good stories later. Either way I need some change of attitude. That and I'd really like a car.




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