Thursday, July 27, 2006

Makes you wish you'd recycled...

I'm listening to: Stabbing Westward- Haunting me

Okay so I had the weirdest freaking dream ever.

I was in this domed city/hotel or something that was flooding and to get out you had to check out of the hotel before they'd open the doors for you so my mom gave me the key card made me run up to the front desk. I decided that walking was taking too long so I flew there and then I realized she'd given me her Victoria's Secret credit card instead. I don't really remember how but I followed some other people out and got on this little pod thing and we were listening to the news and realized that it was happening everwhere because of all the heatwaves.

Anyway that was it. Stupid dream but it made me temperarily paranoid about the state of the world. Want proof?


Oh and I'm in Pennsylvania right now. It's good.

Save the trees!



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