Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Say ba da ba ba ba ba ba.. Like a Scott.

I'm listening to: Lily Allen- Smile

Lily Allen

So Michael's comming home tomorrow, I'm really excited about that.

Today's been pretty decent, I got up early to get my haircut and then went out looking for a job with Daniel. We went to several places but the most promising for me at least was California Dreaming, I've got an interview set up for tomorrow so yay! I spent alot of money today that I sholdn't have though. While we were looking for jobs I bought the Lily Allen and Fratellis CD, and this hippy looking outfit. I should make it back soon though.

Mostly I've just got seeing Michael on my mind. I really have missed him while he's been gone and I want to hear about what he did over there. That and I kind of wanna see what he got me. Supposing he did anyway. Doesn't really matter too much either way, I just miss sleeping next to him, the little things I guess.

Other than that I've leveled my rogue to 59 and gotten my war mount (picture below) I'll be taking a bit of a break though cause I'm not going to play instead of spending time doing things IRL and I've got alot going on this next week. Thursday we're going to see Pirates of the Caribbean and then either Friday or Saturday the Goo-Goo Dolls are going to be at Freedom Weekend Aloft. So yay!

Anxious little bugger.



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