Friday, September 09, 2005

80 Gigs and a Broken Heart

Ugh, so Toby's gone and blown a gasket... I don't know what's wrong with him but he's one sick laptop. I finally decided to call Dell last night after he randomly started shutting off to see where I could get him fixed and unfortunately you've got to send them in for service. I probably should have sent him in back in July when the milk incident occured but I figured I could live with the slight errors. Hem.. yes my fault. I did find out that I'm under full warrenty though! So at least everything will be free, even if I do have to wait 10 days to get him back... Oh well at least he'll be in top form when he comes home!

I worked today.. um.. then went to the bank at lunch to deposit like... four checks that I havn't had time to put in and found out a had alot more money saved for my trip than I thought which was kick cause now I can get my plane ticket AND book my hostel! I decided to drop by Comp USA on the way home and get an external hard-drive to help Toby cope with Photoshop and Step Mania well that and to keep the Dell techies out of my private files. Anyway got a good deal on it I think, it was about 100 for 80 Gigs. Honestly I'm just assuming that's good. Maybe I got ripped off.

Anyway things are going relatively well. I'm not exactly having the best time ever but things are going according to plan and really that's a feat in itself. I'm really starting to miss my friends though but I figure the year will fly by and then I'll have a kick Summer to make up for it. Assuming I don't die by plane, train or rape. But there's lots to be done and plenty to think about so it should be alright.

I'm going to miss everyone for the next few weeks, but don't worry I'll be back!

Missing the nety elixer of life already.



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