Thursday, September 01, 2005

Forever Love at Two in the AM

I'm listening to: Anna Nalick- In the Rough

So what'd I do today? Hum.. well I got up at 11 and realized that I had a lunch date with Mrs. Annin at 11:30 so I rushed myself into the shower and out the door. (There were clothes involved somewhere in there but I thought my choice of underware might bore you.)

We went to Frodo's for some pizza and then Mrs. A suggested that she treat us to a manicure and pedicure both which felt freaking great btw. We had a really good chat about well.. tons of stuff I don't feel like relaying right now. I really enjoyed it, it was nice seeing her and actually being able to talk again, and now my feet are really soft. *squee* I'm going to share photos of this for no apparent reason.. other than they're sexy.. yes that's it sexy.


Anyway we decided that she would take me to see Diana for the weekend whenever I have a Saturday off and she helped me plan out a budget for my trip this summer.. had some very interesting insights into that actually. To be even more vauge, she was really able to put my mind at ease as I've been worried about alot of things lately.

Anyway after that she took me to work which went pretty well as the gas prices seem to really be keeping people home. The prices down the street from me when up nearly 40 cents overnight! @_@

Anyway other than that nothing too important to tell.. I went for coffee after work and wrote some poetry.. yeah, I know how's that for a stereo-typical situation? lol I probably won't post them anywhere, it seems to me that I can't get back to my old style anymore.. maybe I'm out of practice. Oh well, I'll get my groove back eventually.

Beverly Hills... Is SO not where I want to be.


Oh and to those of you who want to know what I REALLY look like at 2:30 in the morning when I'm posting this crap...

Me at 2am


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