Saturday, October 01, 2005

Barcode Kittens whoop ass on Sniper Kittens... PWNED!

I'm listening to: Pet Shop Boys- Domino Dancing

So Toby's back and working just fine except that they didn't get the spyware off.. Oh well I can do that myself later. But anyway the ended up replacing the circuit board which was damaged in the famous milk incident and the keyboard cause I somehow ended up digging holes in half of them from my nails. Thankfully they didn't mess with the HD so I didn't lose anything. But they cleaned him all up and he feels neeeeew... like a spring chicklin!

Actually while Toby was gone I started a little project by the command of Captain Fry! *salutes* (Oh speaking of army stuff I got my beret and wig! More on that later.) The idea was for me to draw a self portrait in a cartoon style, so I did a few different variations with it and ended up with this painting, it's not finished yet but I like the character design. That'd be me on the left dressed as the kitty and Fry as a bunny on the right. You can see the full progression (so far) bellow.

I also did this picture of me as a sailor scout type thing.. I'm not really that thrilled with it though, it just doesn't look like me. Well maybe a bit... but whatever.

Anyway tomorrow I'm going to the moviiiies around three with Diana and John for a very late birthday party to see the Corpse Bride! Which if you don't know I'm completely fudged about because I've been waiting since last NOVEMBER to see it! There are alot of movies out I want to see actually... I should just make a list.

1) The Corpse Bride
2) Wallace and Gromit
3) Into the Blue
4) Flight Plan
5) The exorcism of Emily Rose
6) Just like Heaven
7) The Constant Gardener
8) Cry Wolf
9) The Skeleton Key

Yup... so that's alot of movies. I'm going to take Megan to see Wallace and Gromit on Sunday I think, I'm actually not sure when it comes out, I'll have to check on that.

Oh and as an after thought.. My birthday was pretty decent I got an adorable Barcode Kitties purse and Care Bear from Diana, some mysterious something I havn't seen yet from Fry, a gift card from Mrs. Annin, the Audrey Hepburn DVD set, Family Guy Season's 1&2, Cellular (from Meg my ever thoughtful sis) and some cash from my dad and grandma.

The crazed psychotick.




Anonymous guile said...

the ralph fiennes i love is back in the constant gardener..

6:39 AM  

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