Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cause it turns me on when you smile like that.

I'm listening to: Fall Out Boy- Grand Theft Autumn

Some silly quiz thing I was sent on Myspace.. Not like I have anything else to blog about! And hey.. if you're lucky you might be my turn on, Oh nos!

LADIES: Turned ON or OFF when a guy: [.]

Is shorter than you: Off
Is taller than you: On
Has straight teeth: On

Wears braces: Eh.. can we say ouch?
Has green eyes: ON

Has blue eyes: Even more on.
Has hazel eyes: On (Okay so I like eyes.)
Drinks alcohol: Depends on how much and how big of an ass he gets.
Smokes pot: Deffinately off.
Glasses: On
Has a tan: Don't really notice.
Works out: Doesn't matter.
Smiles alot: On
Calls you just to say Hi: Major turn on.
Lets you know he's thinking about you: On
Compliments you: Is he being sincere?
Doesn't party a lot: Doesn't matter
Shaves his legs: Uh... Off.
Has facial hair: How much? Mustaches=off.
Wears jewelry: Appathetic.
Wears cologne: On.
Smiles when you walk into the room: ON.
Has brown hair: On
Has blonde hair: On
Has red hair: Somewhat off.
Has black hair: On
Can make you laugh at any given moment: On

Doesn't care what a lot of people think: On
Loyal: ON!

Laid back: On
Laughs a lot: On
WANTS to hang out with ONLY you: 0.o Where is this guy?
Dimples: On
Has Tattoos: Slightly off.
in a band: Please don't be emo.
long hair: Off.
great dancer: On.
short hair: Let's go for shaggy eh?
virgin: Doesn't really matter.

Actually I did do something, I worked on my painting a bit.. though I think I may have fucked it up. Oh well I'll let you see it anyway.

Cause you were the last good thing.



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