Friday, October 21, 2005

The Mexican-food sucks North of here

I'm listening to: Fall Out Boy- Saturday

So I'm in Columbia... yay work! Actually it's pretty damn cool cause I get a ton of overtime, 24 hours to be exact. Well that and I'm being paid to travel and hang out with a bunch of new people.

Wendsday my parents pissed me off but that's no big surprise... Anyway my computer was confinscated AGAIN. I had to throw a huge hissy fit to get it back too.. I freaking hate doing that. Well at least it works. Anyway I tried to call Fry that day to tell him I wouldn't be around since I'm obviously going to be working non-stop till Monday but he was too distracted to talk to me. Psh, I don't know why I bother when he just ends up thinking I'm being too clingly. Is it really my fault that I care enough to try to be considerate?

I think I'm just getting tired of trying with my friends. I mean every time I try and talk to Diana lately she brushes me off, not that I think she doesn't care. I just feel like everyone's finding a real life but me. I don't know I guess I've just got a different track going on, just as much responcibility though.

Ugh I don't feel like wondering if I'm too freaking clingy or persistant or bothersome right now... I've been working since 9 this morning.. and I just got to the hotel at 1. Might not be in the best mood to think about this right now.

Not that today wasn't a good day, I got to meet Bryce and we went out to lunch which was cool. And the hotel we're staying at is really nice. So yeah.. good day.

I set my clocks early cause I know I'm always late.



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