Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wanted: Steak Theif! STILL AT LARGE

I'm listening to: The Mars Volta- The Widow

I freaking love Halloween.

I'm getting my costume together and it is the absolute hotness. I've just got to wait for it to come in now. I'm going as a ravereque nurse thing... Hard to describe I'll just put in some photos.

nurse skirt
arm warmers

Anyway I'm just going to wear that with fishnets and some knee high combat boots. I was going to get a corset but it costs like 200 bucks for a good one so I just said forget it.

I'm going up to Columbia the weekend before Halloween with Bryce to look at this apartment we're thinking of going dutch on, it's really nice and if we can bag it I'd be really happy. It's a pretty sweet deal. Two bedrooms a living room, kitchen, laundry, and bonus room AND the only utility we've got to pay for is the electricity. It's also across from a grocery store and very close to USC and the new HH Gregg that they've just built! So pretty much perfect assuming I get a car quickly.

So after that we're going to drive up to Charleston to see Sarah and go clubbing and stuff. Should be fun and we'll take tons of photos I'm sure so you can see us in all our costumed hotness.

Oh and to further stir up the Halloween spirit in you all... My update on the trick or treating painting! Still not done but it's getting close!

Other then all that the power went out at work last night and it turned out that the entire cell in the grid had crashed so we lost everything we'd done that day... the joy. It was pretty freaking cool to see the buildings so dark and deserted looking though. It reminded me of some kind of move.. or a post apocalyptic video game. Either way I enjoyed it imensely. And I could actually see the stars, for once.

Today I did something stupid... I went to Ihop for lunch because I'd forgotten to take something from home. Anyway I went through my entire meal, read a bit of my book and then waited for my tab. The waitress never brought it so I got up and asked her about it. Anyway she just looked at me and at the reciept I'd been using as my bookmark and goes.. "I thought you'd already paid?" And stupidly.. instead of saying "Oh yeah." and walking out I go.. "Oh no I didn't."

But that's not all! We got up to the counter and I started digging around in my purse for my wallet and I realized.. with a very pale and shocked look on my face, that I'd left my wallet at home. So she looked at me and I stared back at her and JUST then some girls who were training at our store today walked in! So I was able to borrow a few bucks off of them.. though I felt insanely stupid for even asking... Oh well.

Oh and there's a stake theif at work. I'll explain later.

The cackling cauldron stirrer.



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