Sunday, October 30, 2005

Whips, chains and latex. Oh my!

I'm listening to: Heather Nova- London Rain

Heather Nova

So this weekend was alot of fun. I got to hang out some more with Bryce and found him to be livable with. He watches cartoons in the morning and makes eggs so that's a big plus. Oh AND he likes to play games... games are good.

We went up to Charleston to see Sarah on Saturday and I got to see John who looks a lotta bit different. Well not so much different as.. older maybe? I don't know he's got the scruffy thing going on now. Sarah on the other hand is exactly the same. Only with green hair, which rocks.

Hum... so we went to this club and danced and saw a bunch of really cute gay boys. Um.. and some drag queens... and these S&M chicks. I'll just post pictures of it all.

getting ready
Looking up directions on Map Quest.

The obligitory leg up pose!

more lovin
Me getting some love. ^_~

I took Bryce's whip.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter

Some S&M girls.

Anyway it was great, I'd do it again, and now my legs hurt.

The only reason I'm not telling my funny little stories about the campy boy in the girls bathroom, Adam and Steve and the nuns, and Bryce getting hit on by Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror is cause noooobody reads this. But if they do they should ask.. I'll expand.

Make it an Ashley night.



Anonymous I'MMA MUFFIN said...

Yeah, I thought John was looking a little different/older. At first, I thought the pictures were of Adam. XD Damn, he REALLY is lookin' like his older bro, now.

By the way, you and Sarah are definitely the sexiest beeches in those photos. Gotta love the whip. You should steal it from Bryce more often.

12:46 AM  

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