Thursday, December 29, 2005

Absolute Insanity from the Post Office Squirrels

I'm listening to: George Strait- Heartland

I got my uber sexy gifts from Fry today, though this worries me because he sent them to me a full week after I sent mine to him... And he's yet to get them. Hopefully they'll get to him tomorrow as I'm off work and can watch him open them.

They were wrapped in pretty paper and apparently there was a specific order to them which was clearly marked on the packages.

Anyway the first one was filled with le awesome candies:b1 Yorkie bar, 3 Cadbury bars 2 milk and 1 twirl, and a British KitKat. The second I had trouble getting the wrapping off of due to some heavy duty tape but when I did get the shiney red paper off I saw none other than Lenore and Nightmares and Fairy Tails! And to conclude I got the Silent Hill 4 import CD which (if you're reading this Sarah) you've got to hear, though the second CD seems to just be this Japanese guy talking... not sure I get that but the music's good.

So yup. Not much more to speak of cept I did some work on the painting mom wanted of Meg and Cam.

Our house.. is on the corner.



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