Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Like an ionic bond... it's Santa!

I'm listening to: The streets- Let's push things Forward

I've got to say, Christmas was good to me... I got an Ipod, a 15 inch LCD TV (Sorry Fry =/), some silver earings, a red Brighton wallet, a new suitecase, a Game Boy Advance and 50 bucks from my family. Oh and VERY sexy Invader ZIM sheets. And from my friends I goooot...

Echoes the best of Pink Floyd CD
Fushigi Yuigi- Genbu Kaiden Vol. 1
Shutterbox Vol. 2
Tamagotchi Angel
Two Inu-Yasha keychains
Battle Royale
The second Dark Angel book
Varrious bath lotions
Two gift cards for the bookstore
And some Pocky and other candies

And I've yet to get my gift from Fry but that'll come soon.

All in all a very nice Christmas, I got to hang out alot with Daniel, Sarah and Ben. I only wish I'd seen John and Diana more over break but even so I did get to see them.

Hum.. wow now that I actually am updating my blog I'm not all that talkative.. um.. well I went to see Geisha last night, which I found to be really good. I'm looking forward to reading the book after I'm done with the others I've gotten.

Oh and just a random plug in... if any of you have an Ipod I highly recommend you subscribing to Ricky Gervais' podcast, it's freaking hillarious.

Well... I got The Island today and I'd really like to watch it so I'm gonna go... *ninja*

Oh and my boss gave me his tie.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!


And to conclude here are some random pictures of my family on Christmas morning. Cameron got drums (Oh the joy.) and Megan got an American Girl doll which she's been carting around everywhere pretending it's a person.


Anonymous Muffin said...

I am jealous of those sheets!
By the way, found a new Jhonen Vasquez comic on borders.com.
It's called the 13th Never. (The item says it's written by a different author, but that's just one of his pen names.)


11:22 PM  

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